For some time now, we knew about the fact that Oculus, the division of Facebook focused on the development of virtual reality devices, was already working on a new version of your Oculus Quest headphones. Initially slated to go out later this year, supply chain issues stemming from the current global pandemic have delayed their launch in 2021.

Despite the great expectation generated by the original Oculus Quest, being the first independent VR device that it did not require a connection to a PC, the complaints of the vast majority came from its large size and weight, even branded as being quite uncomfortable for prolonged use. Although other comparisons with the Oculus Rift also emerged, the company’s flagship headphones, which, understandably, offered greater power and features when jointly supported by a computer.

That’s why now, beyond a problem, the company has seen this delay as an opportunity.

As they have shared since Bloomberg, it seems that Facebook has not yet finalized the final design of the new Oculus Quest, looking for a reduction in size and weight of up to 15% with its predecessor model. However, the main challenges will be focused on offering this reduction along with some hardware improvements, Highlighting a possible performance update through its screen.

And it is that as confirmed by sources close to the company, it seems that Oculus is testing new panels with 90 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rates, an improvement that would not only provide a smoother visual experience, but would represent a huge leap over the current model and the main competing devices, currently ranging from 60 Hz for movies and 72 Hz for VR experiences.

However, it should be noted that the Oculus Quest have not yet reached one year of life, so it is expected that this new set will only arrive as a review of them, and not as a new model.

At the moment we only know this information from anonymous informants without having announced anything official by Facebook itself, so we will have to wait at least until the beginning of summer to confirm its arrival.


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