As announced a few weeks ago, on Facebook they were not willing to pass up the opportunity to catch more unwary people on their networks and the current situation with the coronavirus and the explosion that videoconference rooms have had for multiple users was the excuse. perfect to launch Messenger Rooms, which is already available for everyone.

Namely, Messenger Rooms is a new group video call service integrated both in the social network and in its messaging client, Facebook Messenger. Allows the participation of up to 50 people at the same time and it is the clearest and most rapid response that the company has been able to present to stand up to the phenomenon such as that of Zoom, but also to the pressing competition.

In summary, Messenger Rooms facilitates the creation of videoconference rooms from the News, Groups and Events sections of Facebook, or from Facebook Messenger, with the possibility of doing so in both cases from the website or the mobile application, for which it is It is essential to have it updated and have the latest version of it, they report.

The most interesting thing is, perhaps, that despite having to be a Facebook user to start one of these Messenger Rooms, anyone who gets the link can join it without the need to be registered in the social network. At the moment, yes, capacity and access routes vary depending on whether users are in the United States or abroad.

From Facebook they assure that in the coming months they will include more functions to Messenger Rooms. Meanwhile, what is the second most popular messaging app in the world, is ahead of the first, WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook and has also announced that it will increase the number of participants in group calls to 50.

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