Mark Zuckerberg defended the decision not to remove from Facebook the posts published by Donald trump. The founder of the company held a question and answer session with employees in which justified Facebook’s stance not to censor to the president.

According to a New York Times report, Zuckerberg said that policies around freedom of expression show that the right thing is to leave things as they are. The executive assured that I knew that the decision was going to bother a lot of people of the company, and that they would receive much criticism from the press.

Despite that, Zuckerberg knew that “a review of his policies supported his decision” and put aside his personal opinion. The chat with employees occurs after Multiple protests for allowing Donald Trump hate messages. While Zuck hides his freedom of expression to give access to all kinds of content, many workers held “virtual demonstrations.”

Facebook’s decision to not intervene in Trump’s publications It was obvious from the start of the fight between the president and Twitter. After hiding a tweet for glorifying violence and tagging two more for offering false information, Twitter was the target of criticism from Zuckerberg. In an interview with Fox News, the Facebook manager said that social media cannot serve as “arbiters of the truth.”

Facebook justifies hate messages from Donald Trump

Zuckerberg’s logic is that users “need to know” when government plans to use force, something that Trump has addressed on multiple occasions in recent days. Facebook’s response is not surprising to anyone, since it was the same platform that facilitated the distribution of false content during the president’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The Facebook CEO says that “these are difficult decisions” and that the content they leave published seems “deeply offensive”. Zuckerberg assured a few days ago disagree with the way the president expresses himself, although it is necessary for people to see the content for themselves.

Civil rights groups met with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg on Monday night and stated that it’s confusing that Facebook doesn’t harden its stance about the publications of Trump. The American President has replicated the content of your tweets directly to Facebook, accusing those who peacefully protest in multiple states of the country of vandals and anarchists.

The decision to uphold Trump’s remarks forced many workers to go on virtual strike on Monday. The employees expressed their discontent on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Some announced they would resign from the company, accusing it of ending up on the wrong side of the story.


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