It seems that things for Mark Zuckerberg have not changed anything since that 2018 trial where he issued the famous phrase “It was my mistake and I am sorry.” While the most used social network distributes love throughout the world, showing that it ‘cares about you’, Facebook Inc. has just made a significant investment to buy “GIPHY“, The most popular library of GIFs, with the intention to include it as one of the Instagram tools. However, your privacy may still be exposed.

With cheers and fanfare, the firm announced that very soon Giphy will be integrated to Instagram,He as well as within his other applications in order that “The conversations are more entertaining”, fostering more meaningful and creative communication, “Speeding up the way people connect with each other.”

With an investment of $ 400 million, according to the ‘Axios’ consultancy, Facebook clarified that as has been happening, anyone can continue to create their own GIFs in Giphand and use them in any of the partner platforms so far, including the affiliated apps: Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp and this is where the red lights come on.

The company says that during all this time, it has been using the Application Communication Interface (API), but now that GIPHY is under his administration and that other applications such as TikTok continue to use its services, Facebook could easily obtain user datas and even their activity within the apps to analyze their competition.


In such a way that, as they say out there, the firm puts one hand in front and the other behind. In fact, the firm starts the press release to announce the integration of Giphy to Instagram, with statistics. “Many people in our community already know and love GIPHY.

“The 50% of GIPHY traffic comes from the Facebook family of applications, half of that just from Instagram. Together, we can facilitate anyone can create and share their work with the world ”It can be read on the company’s website.


The announcement of this expansion only gives enough material to the United States Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice and 47 state attorneys, who continue the process of investigating the famous Cambridge Analytics case, now attached to the Antitrust law.


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