Facebook It launched a new application that allows you to surf the Internet for free and without paying a data fee. Known as Discover, the service offers access web pages without loading images, videos or any multimedia element. People will be able to view the information in text format from their Android phone without having a data plan with some operator.

Discover is part of the Free Basics initiative, which seeks to offer internet access in developing countries. The service debuted in Peru to begin its first tests and offers up to 10MB of data per day to navigate from the Android app or at discoverapp.com

Discover offers 10 MB per day to navigate pages without images

To achieve this, Facebook reached an agreement with the operators Bitel Claro, Entel and Movistar, who will absorb the navigation costs. The fee could be expanded to 20 MB in the future, although that will depend on subsequent agreements with companies in each country. Discover only supports low-bandwidth traffic when free data is used, and Facebook ensures that all websites are treated equally.

According to Facebook, the initiative comes as an alternative to prevent people from staying disconnected when they exhaust their data balance. “Discover is designed to help bridge these gaps and keep people connected until they can buy data again,” the company said in a statement.

Another issue that serves as a trigger is coronavirus pandemic, where it is important that people are connected to access information. Facebook confirmed that COVID-19 health resources will be available on the Discover home page.

How to surf the internet for free using Discover?

Discover It has an Android app that provides low bandwidth navigation. This means that you can only access pages in text mode using free datas. Depending on the country, the MB quota will be for daily browsing and users will receive notifications when they have new data.

Once the service is enabled in your area, you can download the app from Google Play, or access it from discoverapp.com and start browsing the internet. Facebook will evaluate web traffic through a proxy to remove unsupported video, audio and content that may consume excessive data. Discovery will encrypt information between servers and devices when possible.

No need to have a Facebook account to be able to use Discover. The application will not store our browsing history or use the activity for advertising purposes, a common practice of technology.

At the moment it is only available in Peru, although there are plans to expand it to Thailand, the Philippines and Iraq in the coming weeks. In case of not having a smartphone, people will be able to use a basic phone with a mobile browser to access the internet from the address 0.discoverapp.com.

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