In a previous article I reviewed several escape room type games they were adapted to play online from your home. Pencil, paper and to follow the instructions on the screen. Enigmas like those of classic escape rooms but with the possibility of playing in times of confinement. Impossible to get bored.

As well. What seemed like the flower of a day, or a few days, has become a phenomenon that fills web pages, social networks and YouTube channels with activities typical of the escape room but without geographical limitations of the usual escape rooms.

We all like mystery, riddles, puzzle solving, and escape rooms online they have the best of all these worlds. It may not be possible to rummage through closets, touch buttons, or find out what the correct key is, but with the escape rooms that populate the internet, you can better spend confinement and enjoy activities and games with which to train your mind.

I expand the previous list of escape rooms online with several search engines and with more games to sign up for and with which make seclusion more bearable.

Room escape finders

Like everything on the internet, if you are looking for something you can try your luck with search engines like Google and company. But if you want to find escape rooms sorted by location or because of difficulty, in that case it is better to go to a specialized search engine.

An example is Escape Radar, an escape room search engine with more than 2,400 registered rooms. You can search by specific name or visit the cities and provinces available to see a list of proposals.

And if you can’t or don’t want to move from where you are, Escape Radar has its own section of online escape rooms called Confinement Games. Here you will find a selection of escape rooms online for every taste. There are paid and free, most in Spanish but with some in English.

At the time of this writing, the list of available escape rooms numbered over fifty. Impossible to get bored in these days of involuntary confinement.

Another escape room finder to consider is runwilly. Or rather, the first social network for escape rooms and escapists. In this online community you can search escapists, equipment and games by location or place of origin and by date.

Second, it offers a selection of escape rooms by city or province, highlights the most wanted escape rooms, and even lets you get to know escapist teams in case you want to join to them.

You can move around runwilly Freely or create an account to be part of this community of lovers of escape rooms. And if what you want is To play online, you will find a list of escape rooms online so that the hours of confinement they become more bearable.

Each activity is described and indicates what you need to play, the difficulty, if you can play alone or are multiplayer, the approximate duration of the game, the minimum or recommended age, etc. Consulting the list of escape rooms online, they had listed over 100 activities.

Escape rooms online to play from the sofa

In addition to search engines specialized in escape rooms, on the internet you will find creators of escape rooms that offer various activities or challenges on their web pages or on their social networks. As we have seen before, the quantity and variety is enormous.

Lumi PakeleFor example, it was created by escapists who wanted to make the leap to creating their own online escape room challenges. In writing these lines offer two challenges or activities escape room: Illa Laboratories and Disappearance on the train.

The first activity will take you between 60 and 90 minutes. Its creators have classified it with a difficulty level of 4 out of 5. And to solve the mystery you will need paper and pen and follow the on-screen instructions. Of course, you can go back in the game if you wish. The objective is to solve the mystery of the game with the high score possible.

The second activity has the same duration and difficulty. You will also need to follow the on-screen instructions and help yourself with paper and a pen. As an incentive, the game is not linear, so you will have to “move through different scenarios”, as its creators point out.

Since Paranormal Adventures the challenges of Digital Adventures, a series of escape room-type activities to play online.

Alone or in a group, you will face riddles and other mini-games to which you must add the story itself. Recommended for over 13 years, you will need a device with internet access, either a computer or a smartphone. Its duration? Between 5 and 7 hours, depending on your skills as a detective.

When writing this article, a first activity is available, although in the future the list will be expanded with six more adventures. To play you will only need register online. And best of all, the game is totally free.

Of Escape hunters I spoke in a previous article about your escape room online The virus cure. As well. This couple of escapists has created two more challenges to continue enjoying the best of escape rooms but from the comfort of your home.

One is the continuation of his adventure, The virus cure 2. It is designed for two players or two teams. As a novelty, you can choose the difficulty depending on whether you consider yourself an expert (high difficulty) or are a newcomer or minor (medium difficulty). In any case, you are always on time ask for a clue.

The third game is called Criminal Justice: Case I and everything indicates that there will be more cases in the future. It is also played between two people or teams, each with its connected device.

Among its peculiarities, there will be moments of internet search limited with stopwatch. And to avoid having too much trouble, there are two levels of difficulty and the possibility of ask for clues, but without abusing.

And to finish, Alien Escape, an online escape room with a science fiction theme. According to its creator, its difficulty is medium level and you will need about two hours to complete it.

The game tells us a story that you must follow in detail. After a brief explanation, you should solve the riddle or riddle. If you don’t get it, you can ask for a hint.

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