Convulsive hours at Tesla. The latest decisions of the governing bodies in California Elon Musk firm prevented from resuming work at its Fremont plant, falling like a jug of cold water in the company and unleashing the anger of its CEO on the institutions.

The mess started last Thursday, when California Governor Gavin Newsom revealed new guidelines for businesses to return to business. These would allow Tesla to open its main Fremont center, closed since the end of March. So, Musk sent an email shortly afterwards to employees advising that they would resume operations on Friday, May 8..

But all was not said yet. Newsom explained in its statement that the final decision on return to work in California was subject to the considerations of local bodies. And disaster struck. Because Alameda County, where the Tesla plant is located, along with many others, decided to extend the quarantine until the end of May.

The decision unleashed, once again, the fury of Musk, who was furious. The CEO has accumulated in recent weeks several statements against the actions to alleviate the effect of the pandemic, coming to dismiss the order to stay at home as “fascism” by the authorities.

“The drop that fills the glass”

“Tesla will file a lawsuit against Alameda County right away. Alameda’s unelected and ignorant Acting Health Officer is acting against the Governor, the President, our constitutional freedoms, and just common sense!” Published an elated Musk. on his Twitter account last Saturday.

The executive channeled, in what is already a custom, his anger through his personal profile, expressing his more than evident disappointment. He was also threatening then to move his Fremont plant to another State. “Frankly, this is the last straw. Tesla will now move its headquarters and future programs to Texas / Nevada immediately,” he said. He added that the decision “to maintain some activity in Fremont” would depend on “how Tesla is treated in the future.” A poisoned dart for the Alameda authorities, who could see the major automaker vanish from their region.

Cybertruck and Model Y could be held in Nashville

“I’m not kidding,” said Musk in another tweet. “The absurd and medically irrational behavior in violation of constitutional civil liberties, in addition to unelected and accountable county officials, must be stopped.”

TechCrunch sources confirmed to the media that Tesla is in talks with Nashville authorities (Tennessee) to build a factory in the area. It would produce the striking Cybertruck and the brand’s SUV, the Model Y.

Last bullet

Tesla confirms this Sunday, through an official statement, that has filed a lawsuit against Alameda County. It said that “the County’s position has left us with no choice but to take legal action to ensure that Tesla and its employees can return to work.” Thus, on Saturday the company explicitly calls for “the guidelines imposed by the governance body to be” invalidated “.

It’s Tesla’s last bullet, which he claims to be excellently prepared for return to work from her previous experience in Shanghai. The production factory that the firm has there, affected at the time by the incidence of the coronavirus in China, is already operational.

“Our return to work plan is the result of months of careful planning and preparation,” can be read in the aforementioned statement. “” It was modeled on the comprehensive return to work plan that we established at our Shanghai Gigafactory, which has had smooth, healthy operations for the past three months. “

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