Streaming requires a natural talentThis is indisputable, but it is also essential to have good lighting to show it to the world, a question that Elgato Key Light Air solves in a simple, direct and effective way.

As many of our readers will know, Elgato was acquired in 2018 by Corsair, and is a company specialized in solutions for streaming and content creation. In its catalog we can find a wide variety of video capture machines, such as the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S + that we had the opportunity to analyze at the time, and also mounting systems, green backgrounds (“Chroma Key”), the Stream Deck series, that allows us to create shortcuts and actions, and lighting systems, a category in which Elgato Key Light Air is included.

If we want to start streaming and create content, or if we have been dedicated to it for some time and want to improve the quality of our content, lighting is, as we said, one of the most important aspects, since will allow us to show our best face to our followers and create an attractive environment that invites you to view our content.

I’m not saying anything new, think, for a moment, in the care that professional photographers put into lighting, and the directors do the same during the scenography process. Lighting can make a huge difference, and therefore we must have the necessary tools to achieve a quality finish.

That’s where Elgato Key Light Air comes in, a customizable lighting solution which, as we will see, is full of possibilities. Thanks to Corsair Spain we have had the opportunity to test a unit for a week, and in this article we are going to tell you our impressions. As always, if you have any questions you can leave it in the comments.

Elgato Key Light Air: first look and specs

At the design level, Elgato Key Light Air presents a simple line, with clearly minimalist touches, and is dressed in a discreet black color. I personally think this approach is a wise one, as it allows Elgato Key Light Air fits seamlessly into any environment, in any environment, and gives it an indisputable professional air.

Design is important, but it should never involve sacrifices at the functional level or complications that harm the user. Elgato has perfectly assimilated this maxim, and has masterfully transferred it to Elgato Key Light Air, which has a classic appearance with traditional lamp tints, easy to assemble and use, which nevertheless has enormous potential.

No wonder Elgato Key Light Air took the Reddot design award in 2020, a totally deserved recognition seeing the great simplicity that this lighting system presents. You can expand all the galleries of this analysis by clicking on them.

As regards construction quality, we have a lamp finished in glass and metal divided into several sections:

Frame with LED perimeter lighting, which guides the light through the rear panel.
Opal crystal, which fuses light beams to achieve uniform transmission of photons.
Double layer diffuser, which disperses the beams evenly across the entire luminous surface.
Translucent mesh panel, which divides light into millions of beams.
Highly reflective aluminum film to scatter light out.

That division into sections, together with the 80 OSRAM Premium LED lights high quality that integrates Elgato Key Light Air, translate into perfect lighting, no glare or excessive heat and totally adjustable.

And speaking of regulation, ergonomics also plays a very important role in any lighting system, since it affects its capacity for customization and adaptation. In this sense, Elgato Key Light Air is very careful, since it is adjustable in height and inclination, and it has a compact base that allows it to be placed in almost any corner.

If our working environment changes in the short, medium or long term and we need a different type of assembly, we will have nothing to worry about, since the lamp It is compatible with Elgato Multi Mount systems.

After this simple introduction we are ready to review the key technical specifications for Elgato Key Light Air:

High quality professional lighting system.
It integrates Wi-Fi 4 connection and is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android through the dedicated application.
Up to 1,400 lumens for perfect lighting with balanced brightness.
We can adjust the temperature from 2,900 to 7,000K: cold or warm light, you decide.
It mounts 80 OSRAM Premium LED lights that achieve powerful lighting without generating heat.
Lamp built in five layers to achieve optimal light diffusion, without glare.
Edge-Lit technology for totally comfortable and efficient indirect lighting.
Stylish, compact and ergonomic minimalist design that fits into any workspace.
Adjustable in height and inclination, compatible with Multi Mount systems for custom mounting.
Stream Deck compatible for full control.
Measurements: lamp 205 x 205 x 35 mm; base 205 x 205 x 18 mm; telescopic rod from 60 to 88 cm.
Weight: lamp 550 grams, base one kilogram.
Power consumption: 25 watts (maximum value).

Elgato Key Light Air: our experience

As soon as we get out of the box Elgato Key Light Air we find three big pieces: the lamp or spotlight, the arm and the support base. The box includes everything we need to do the assembly and also comes with several adapters that allow us to adapt the connector of the power outlet to almost any plug in the world. An interesting detail and very useful for those who travel frequently.

The assembly is very simple, it has no complications:

We place the arm on the base and insert in the rear space of this the elongated screw with black base, turn until it is tight.
Now we place the chess pawn-shaped piece on the back of the lamp, turning until it is tight.
The next step is to join the two pieces with a semicircular space around the pawn-shaped head that we have installed in the lamp, introducing the upper end of the support arm at the base.
So that both parts are fastened, we introduce the other screw with a black base in the upper space and that’s it.
We just have to connect the power cable to the lamp and voila, we are ready to start using Elgato Key Light Air.

We do not need no tool to complete the assembly process, in fact this will only take us a few minutes. Remember that once you connect Elgato Key Light Air to the current you can use the space that the clamping arm has to leave the cable collected. This helps us to better integrate it into our space and achieve a cable-free environment.

Well, now that we have it mounted and placed, we have to configure it. We have two great options, integrate Elgato Key Light Air in our PC or control it directly from our smartphone. Both options are just as simple, since communication is established via Wi-Fi and we have dedicated applications for both Windows and iOS and Android.

The application we need to start enjoying our Elgato Key Light Air is Control Center, which is available for free on the official Elgato website (Windows 10 or macOS) and also on the App Store, if we use an iOS device, and on the Google Play Store, if we use an Android-based terminal.

Once we have downloaded the application on the device or equipment where we want to link Elgato Key Light Air we are in the final stretch, it only remains associate it with our Wi-Fi network and voila. It is very easy, and totally safe.

Before continuing I want to help you decide if it is better to complete the configuration by linking Elgato Key Light Air to your smartphone or PC. The two options are perfectly valid, In other words, it does not mean giving up any of the key functions it offers and they do not have any real advantage. However, I think that It is better to link it to the smartphone if you do not have a Stream Deck, since you can control it directly from your mobile device without having to interrupt what you are doing to the PC.

In case you have a Stream Deck I think it is preferable to link it to the PC, since you can use this peripheral to control numerous aspects with the buttons that it integrates, including from on and off to the intensity and temperature of the lighting. And yes, it is very simple, you will only have to use the free profile that is available and that’s it, no need to go into complex settings.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive, something that is certainly appreciated. We have two great adjustments that will allow us to control the intensity of the lighting and its temperature with a simple press, or with a touch if we have a Stream Deck.

Cold light

Warm light

Medium light

Regarding the quality of the lighting that Elgato Key Light Air offers, it is clear that we are facing a professional and high quality solution. With an intensity of 60% we already achieve excellent results and the light does not disturb the least, since it does not dazzle and does not produce heat. We can be many hours in front of our Elgato Key Light Air without problems.

This is very important, since glare and heat can cause discomfort that affects the quality of our contents and our interventions, accelerate the appearance of fatigue, both eye and physical, and sweats that can end up in brightness distributed by our whole face. We may like it more or less, but the image is very important when it comes to streaming and creating content, and to show our best face at all times we will need high quality lighting.

Warm light

Cold light

Medium light

Elgato Key Light Air has fully met all our lighting quality requirements, but is also very versatile. The temperature regulation allows us to adapt the lighting in a more natural way to each scene, to each situation, while its height-adjustable arm allows us to use it practically anywhere and facilitates its collection and changes of location. This flexibility is topped off by an adjustable lamp in inclination that will allow us find the perfect position effortlessly.

Endnotes: light up your talent effortlessly

Undertake an adventure in the world of streaming and content creation it is quite a challenge, but have the right tools It can help us cope and overcome it successfully.

Elgato has extensive experience in this area, and Elgato Key Light Air is everything an example of mastery and work well done. Its finishes, ergonomics and lighting quality make it clear from the first moment that we are not looking at just one more LED spotlight, but rather a professional solution with many customization options that also integrates seamlessly with the Stream Deck. .

The division into five layers of the lamp, together with the 80 OSRAM Premium LED lights, achieve perfect, uniform and well distributed lighting even with a moderate light intensity. Thanks to the height and inclination regulation we can create scenes with greater freedom and adapt the lighting more easily, without having to change places Elgato Key Light Air directly, and the temperature regulation allows us to adapt the lighting to the ambient light easily, and naturally.

If we put all this in context with its sale price, 129.99 euros, the conclusion is very clear: Elgato Key Light Air offers a very solid value and is one of the best products in its class. Recommended.

Final assessment


Elgato Key Light Air is an excellent complement to start streaming and creating content like a pro. This lighting system has a very solid construction, offers high quality lighting and is also very easy to use.

Build quality9

User experience and robustness9.5


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