Microsoft has announced an updated version of its new Edge Chromium web browser, which in addition to some new features is committed to a notable change in its distribution, its availability through Windows Update to begin a transition that will lead to the removal of the original Edge. Internet Explorer is maintained for its compatibility in companies, but it is not part of the future of Microsoft browsers either.

The distribution of Edge Chromium in Windows Update confirms Microsoft’s commitment to its new web browser, the best that has come from the Redmond factory in terms of performance, compatibility with standards or privacy, although it is based on the development of its main rival, the open source project Chromium, which in addition to Chrome is used by other browsers such as Vivaldi and Opera. A move as surprising as it is smart, in the search to recover the brutal drop in market share that had left Microsoft out of the web browsing game,

Until now, Microsoft kept the original Edge pre-installed on Windows (including the latest version Windows 10 2004) and distributed Edge Chromium only as a manual download and independent. This will change completely in future Windows updates to improve a market share that until now has been limited despite the improvement in the browser.

Beginning the transition, Edge Chromium will be distributed in Windows Update for the latest versions of Windows 10. Using this type of installation, the new Edge will replace the original version, it will become the default browser and will take the settings, passwords, bookmarks, installed extensions or even the open tabs in the original. The installation will include a new icon on the desktop and in the start menu, replacing the previous one if there is one.

Once the new version is installed, the previous one will no longer be able to run (although it will remain hidden in the operating system (and will always redirect the execution to Edge Chromium. We do not know if the practical method that we offer you to continue running both will continue to work).

It is clear that the transition is underway and although the development of the browser has been carried out independently, it will end up being part of Windows. Edge Chromium has greater potential than the original in all its sections, two versions are not necessary at all and Microsoft needs to clarify its strategy in web browsing, once the development of Internet Explorer was suspended and they are only maintained for compatibility in companies. The new Edge is also available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and macOS. The Linux version has already been confirmed and it is believed that it will be available this year.


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