The chief operating officer of Electronics Arts has announced that his upcoming video games released for the current generation of consoles will be free to “upgrade” to the next, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The launch of a new generation of consoles has obvious impact on console sales, usually downward for the duration of the transition. A part of players await the new launches, while another part that are interested in the current models also expect their prices to drop and become, as they say, “within range”.

With games something similar happens. Users are in an awkward position and are unsure whether to buy titles for current generation platforms due to the possibility that they may not be playable on next generation hardware or that studios will release an improved version of the game when it is released. market the new consoles.

Free game updates

Suppliers have to anticipate this circumstance and some have already done so. When it officially unveiled the Xbox Series X, Microsoft detailed a feature called Smart Delivery that will essentially allow gamers to purchase a game once so that it would be available with the current console as well as the new one. Microsoft said that all their own titles would support this feature leaving the option for the rest of developers to implement it.

Although it was not clarified if it was a simple compatibility with previous versions, the EA executive’s comment seems to go the way of Microsoft since it was made in the presentation of financial results and referred to an adjustment of the same. Further, the producer has a own internal program similar to Smart Delivery, which allows owners of their games to request a copy of it for a new platform.

The company did not explain how they would do this, nor did it specify which titles would be eligible for free updates. Or if it would extend to games that are already on the market or only to new ones. EA confirmed that it has 14 games in development for release over the course of the next fiscal year.

The truth is, Microsoft’s free game update initiative should be followed by all distributors. It does not seem logical that a user pays 60 euros for a game for Xbox One in November and in December they have to pay another 60 euros for the same game if a month later they buy the Xbox Series X.

As for hardware, we assume that Sony and Microsoft will launch some type of promotion in the purchase of consoles if they do not want to lose sales in the transition.


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