Dropbox Passwords It is a new password manager for Android that is not yet available to almost anyone, but it is already giving enough to talk about from where it comes from, one of the most popular file storage and synchronization services in the world.

Currently available only for Android and with restricted access by invitation as it is a project in beta development, Dropbox Passwords does not present itself as a password manager, although both by name and by description that is exactly what What is it. They discovered it a few days ago in Google Play Store and since then it is generating comments of all kinds because of the type of application it is, worth the redundancy.

“Dropbox Passwords (beta) provides password security for store all your passwords in a safe place, autocompleting usernames and passwords so you can instantly log in to websites and apps. You can easily create and store unique and strong passwords as you sign up for new accounts, ”reads the product description.

Other Dropbox Passwords features include multiple device support and a critical factor in its category: ‘zero knowledge’ encryption, which means that the content of the manager will be encrypted in the application itself with a key that only the user will know, and that the stored passwords will not be accessible by Dropbox.

What other features Dropbox Passwords will include is soon to be said, but whatever they may be, it will not be easy to enter a segment full of long-established competition and alternatives of all kinds. We have been talking about leaving passwords for a long time, but they are still a crucial element for managing the Internet.

It also remains to be seen if Dropbox Passwords will remain on Android or will transcend other platforms, but it will still be difficult for it to gain a foothold in the password manager market. Not to mention, it’s funny that they try to diversify out there, rather than with more storage-related services.


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