If you want to give an original touch to your Zoom video calls, the BBC has released 100 Doctor Who Wallpapers and other series of the British chain. The funds have been divided by section, so in science fiction you will find various scenes from the classic science fiction ranging from 1976 to 2019.

Other options available in the science fiction section are Quatermass and the Pit, a film known in Spain as What Happened Then? which addresses the adventures of Doctor Quatermass and his fight against an alien invasion. There are also some funds from Blake’s Corsairs – or Blake’s 7 – the futuristic series of the late seventies which addresses issues such as mass surveillance, brainwashing and the fight against totalitarian power.

In case science fiction is not your thing, there are other options such as Dancing with the stars sets, Absolutely famous or Top of the Pops in variants ranging from The Who’s Presentations to the glorious 90s. Finally, there are categories of children’s series and some options of soccer scenarios that correspond to the Match of the Day program.

Download more than 100 backgrounds for your Zoom video calls for free

Some wallpapers have good resolution others to add to your video call, others are too small to worry. The important is that there is variety to add to your catalog from Zoom, Skype or any client that supports the use of personalized backgrounds in video conferencing.

With confinement due to the coronavirus, video calls have emerged as an alternative to stay connected. From its use in teleworking to family gatherings or birthday parties, the popularity of teleconferencing has skyrocketed and companies like Zoom, Skype and Google report unprecedented growth.

The problem is that this part of the routine is ending to exhaust us. According to Dr. Paul Penn of the East London University School of Psychology, the fatigue of continual interpreting comes to overwhelm people. To this we add other technical problems such as connection quality, poor lighting or microphone failures that end up causing stress in people.

Some already report “Zoom fatigue”, although for the rest it is still a unique and essential tool in our day to day while we return to the new normal.

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