Arriving as one of the most anticipated releases of this year, and being rated by this website as “a firm candidate for the best action game of 2020”, it seems that Doom Eternal you still have much more action and frustration to offer us. While many of you who have already played it will have had your pluses and minuses with the various creatures of hell (such as pesky marauders), the next free game update promises us an even greater challenge and difficulty.

This is the first major update for Doom Eternal, focused primarily on various enhancements to the gaming experience both for single player mode like Battlemode as well as some streamlined tutorials, an improved matchmaking system, some bug fixes, and new content.

However, it does not fail to stand out the new “Empowered Demons” system, that although already present previously, will now have a new operation. And it is that with the new update, every time a demon has killed a player in his campaign, will be transported to another player’s game, offering the possibility of avenging his fellow Slayer and receiving a significant amount of health, ammunition and experience. However, it would be pending to see if this enhancement is done in a unique way, or if on the contrary, after having managed to defeat multiple Slayers in succession, we could find some invincible demon.

Furthermore, the update also brings Denuvo’s anti-cheat features to the game’s multiplayer battle mode, tweaked tutorials, poor network connection indicators, a death report screen, and better matchmaking for players who have reached max level. .

While the arrival of this update seems somewhat imminent, unfortunately we will still have to wait a little longer to see the implementation of the Invasion mode, with which players can invade and help in the campaign of other people, and in which id Software continues to work.

Finally, not included in this free update, the company has also wanted to offer us a preview and screenshots of two of the new story mode levels which will be included in the first of the already announced content expansions for Doom Eternal, and which will arrive as part of their Year One Season Pass, dated March 20.


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