Do you consider yourself a gamer and, even more so, an expert in video games? Now you have the opportunity to demonstrate it and not in any way. You will not have to put yourself at the controls to beat an impossible enemy or a record of heart attack: just sharpen your ear and your memory.

That is the basis of the quiz that is going viral these days in the circles of gamers throughout the Internet, which aims to demonstrate the wisdom of “video game” discovering sound effects of some of the most popular titles in the media. Something that, I assure you, is only available to a first-rate video game expert.

And it is that a true video game expert should be able to recognize a game by seeing an image, listening to a melody or, as in the case at hand, a sound effect, many of which are easily recognizable for those who have spent hours giving it to the button in front of the golden names that have cemented the industry the last thirty years.

The test is simple to perform: there is 60 tracks with sound effects from well-known franchises that you have surely played more than once. You hit play and when you know which one it is, you fill in the name. If you hit it will be highlighted in green what you have written. Of course, you have to write the names correctly, with their capital letters, periods, etc.

Reading the responses of people out there, there is more than one videogame expert who claims to have guessed almost all the titles, and that there are some very classic, but also contemporary and even some not well known; Although most seem to be falling short … that is already a full-fledged achievement because it is much more difficult than it sounds, and never better said.

I, if I’m honest, I have tried and after twenty minutes I have only managed to fill in 6 names correctly, despite the fact that when I visualized the answers, I knew most of the games and I spent hours on many of them. So yes, more than one sound has come to my memory. But no, I’m not an expert in video games like the ones out there.

Now it’s your turn. You can access the quiz at this link.

When you have finished you come back and tell us how it went. And yes, the image that heads this entry is a clue from one of the games, although it is also a challenge in itself. Or not?


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