With several advances and expectations from last week, finally yesterday DJI presented its new drone With a built-in camera, the Mavic Air 2, which far outperforming the rest of the competition and its own models, will allow us to take 48 megapixel photographs and videos in qualities up to 4K at 60 frames per second, obviously, from the long and wide sky .

As the name suggests, this is a direct sequel to the Mavic Air released in 2018. Although it is not a simple tune-up, DJI opting for a complete redesign and a particular approach focused on the user experience. In fact, the company has branded the Mavic Air 2 as your smartest, safest and easiest to fly non-professional drone. And it is that this new drone has a large number of sensors to avoid obstacles, a new simplified controller with a clamp for smartphones, and an expanded battery that will offer us an average of 34 minutes of flight time.

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But without a doubt one of the most attractive improvements lies in its new camera. Equipping now a Quad Bayer sensor (1 / 2.0 ″, FOV 84 ″ and f / 2.8), we will be able to take 12 megapixel photographs, which thanks to the new inclusion of a digital enhancement mode, will allow us to create captures up to 48 megapixels (presumably by the sum of four independent captures).

As for the video, as we advanced the Mavic Air 2 will be able to perform recordings up to 4K at 60 fps (120 mbps), beating the company’s previous flagship, limited so far to 4K and 30 fps. But that is not all. And is that like the original Mavic Air, we will have an HDR mode, which in addition to allowing us to make more realistic captures, will also add the possibility of recording high dynamic range videos with the new Hyperlapse 8K mode.

The DJI Mavic Air 2 takes flight with priced at $ 799 for your standard package, although due to the current global situation, the drone is currently only available for Chinese territory. However, buyers from other countries can already access reservations from its official website, with availability and shipments expected in mid-May.


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