VESA has announced an update for DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0, an interface that will allow us to manage video screens with 16K resolutions about the new USB 4.0 standard. We put you in a situation of what it means in case you are somewhat lost. Something that is not at all difficult with the number of existing rules.

USB Type-C, the most advanced connector of the connection port of peripherals and devices, not only debuted a symmetrical and therefore reversible design working in any position (saving many technical problems related to ports and connectors that get damaged when forced) but which expanded its compatibility as universal and multipurpose connector.

In this way, in addition to charging mobile device batteries and transferring data on USB standards 3.2, 3.1, 3.0 and 2.0, it expanded its compatibility to handle other protocols such as Intel’s Thunderbolt, HDMI, with the same connector and wiring. DisplayPort and up to VGA analog video port.

DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) introduced an improved DisplayPort 2.0 specification last year with an alternate mode for USB-C, tripling DisplayPort 1.4a bandwidth up to 77.4 Gbps.

This mode is called DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 and the novelty announced yesterday is an update that anticipates the arrival of USB 4.0 planned for 2021. In practice, a computer that uses USB 4.0 and this special DisplayPort mode, will be able to with a cable USB Type-C feed multimedia content to a screen with resolution 16K @ 60Hz.

It will also allow increasing the refresh rates for 4K and 8K monitors and and will deliver enhanced performance for virtual and augmented reality uses. As an example, the specification should be able to offer simultaneous content on three screens with 4K resolution at 144 Hz and with support for high dynamic range.

DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 will be possible thanks to the combined effort of VESA and USB-IF, and it aims very well thanks to a USB Type-C connector that is becoming the great connection standard: universal, multipurpose and with greater potential.


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