In 2004, in the midst of the DaVinci Code Boom, the visionary producer Jerry bruckheimer premiered «The search»A film about the search for a hidden treasure, the clues of which are found in the Declaration of Independence. Starring Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger “The Search” grossed $ 347 million at the worldwide box office and in 2007, its sequel, “The Search: The Secret Diary” earned $ 457 million worldwide.

These are compelling reasons for Disney to consider putting out a series on the adventures of Benjamin Franklin Gates on its streaming platform. According to Collider, this time they will have a younger cast. According to statements by Jerry Bruckheimer himself:

“We are working with” The Search “for a series on the streaming service and also for a movie for the big screen. Hopefully, they’ll get ahead and we’ll bring more “The Search.” Both projects are active … The Disney + one is with a much younger cast. It is the same concept but with a young cast. The film would be with the same cast.

The award-winning producer added that the series is in progress and that it has a script for the pilot episode and a sketch for subsequent episodes. Regarding Jon Turteltaub’s “Search 3”, Bruckheimer said the film is currently being written by Chris Bremner (“Bad Boys for Life”).

As for this third installment of «The Search«, if it will have the original cast in which Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger are, there will be Justin Bartha (Hangover in Vegas), Jon Voight (Ray Donovan) and Helen Mirren ( The Queen).

Meanwhile, Disney + has already released on its platform the Aladdin live-action film released in May 2019 and on May 15 they release Maleficent, the new story of this evil Disney classic played by Angelina Jollie.


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