When asked, many people recognize with a bit of a surprise that the confinement time is not looking as hard for them as they thought. It is clear that practically everyone prefers to go outside, but the great offer of activities that we have turns our obligatory stay at home into something more enjoyable. And, although many of us would initially believe that television is the main protagonist of this confinement, new ways of being entertained have emerged.

Video games, music, online courses, tutorials to do sports from home … Huawei has a proposal for devices with which to carry out all these activities during these days of isolation And so, if you get bored, it is your own decision.

Through the #HuaweiContigo campaign, the brand has demonstrated its commitment in the fight against Coronavirus, promoting the use of technology at home and showing the advantages of innovation on a daily basis. In addition to its tips to increase productivity in teleworking or home schooling and its tools to help you lead a healthier life, the company also has a wide range of products and applications to make your days more exciting.

Tablets are one of the most versatile devices. It allows us to enjoy a movie and they are powerful enough to solve some urgent matter both at work and at school.

Perhaps the device we are getting the most out of these days is the smartphone. Also during this period has become the center of our lives. Messaging services, streaming platforms, mail … there are many utilities that we give to our phone. Those of us who spend many hours in front of it know how important it is to have a quality device that is equally versatile and powerful. That’s what the new Huawei P40 range does, which has a device for each type of user. From one with the tightest but sufficient specifications for the vast majority of users, such as the Huawei P40 Lite, to the incredible Huawei P40 Pro, a phone whose camera and features are at the highest level. But not only the smartphone is going to become the technological protagonist of this quarantine. To give just two more examples: tablets and headphones will make us spend all these days in an entertaining and productive way.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Watch GT 2 and FreeBuds 3. Photo: David Ortiz | Hypertextual.

Enjoy the best content from any room

Many of us will remember when there was only one television in our house, two at best. The decision of what to see was a decision that fell to our parents or older brothers or sisters. The purpose of technology is to improve life of people and it is something that Huawei is clear in this quarantine and good proof of this is its MediaPad M6.

Tablets are possibly the most versatile device. It allows us to enjoy a movie in comfort, thanks to its ever best screens, and are powerful enough to solve some urgent matter both at work and at school.

The Huawei MediaPad M6 tablet is precisely what it gets. Its 10.8 ”screen is comfortable enough to be used for several hours for any purpose. If we want to enjoy the best multimedia content, we will value your 2K image quality and ClariVu technology to further enhance contrast and clarity. We will stop seeing ourselves reflected on the screen in dark situations of movies and series. And if we want to use an application to work, we will find it in its AppGallery.

The second important aspect to enjoy the best multimedia content is sound. To be able to get into the plot of our favorite series or movie, it is no longer necessary to have only a large speaker system. As with the rest of the most innovative technology, component reduction does not have associated loss of quality. To develop the sound system of the new MediaPad M6, Huawei has had the collaboration of one of the best brands in the field of sound, Harman Kardon. The result is a four channel sound system and four speakers that ensure clear, vibrant and immersive sound.

All this within the leisure part, but the professional part is not neglected either. Many people are telecommuting another way to get that the days go by faster and they use the same device both for work and for entertainment. To work, the MediaPad M6 also complies in a decisive way.

For starters, we have at the heart of its performance the Kirin 980 processor, Huawei’s first dual NPU mobile chipset. What is it capable of? Well in the first place it results in an incredibly powerful team even during multitasking, in which laptops are at stake. Second, it makes the processes that we carry out are done in a much faster way. And, thirdly, it significantly improves its energy efficiency, lengthening the life of the battery and allowing the user to enjoy all day in any room, even without a plug.

Good hardware without good software is unbalanced. That is why the #HuaweiContigo campaign has made numerous offers available to its users in its AppGallery.

Many people may think that spending several hours a day on a tablet, especially if you have to attend to work or school matters, can be a little uncomfortable compared to using the computer. For it, the keyboard takes on a special role and we will also find it in the Huawei MediaPad M6. But not only that, but we can also use a stylus, especially useful if we want to unleash our artistic side.

And how could it be otherwise, good hardware without good software is unbalanced. Huawei, during the #HuaweiContigo campaign, has made numerous offers available to its users in its AppGallery, where we will find all the applications we need.
For example, if we want to listen to music, Huawei Music is available for free for the first three months and if we want to enjoy the best content, we can also use Huawei Video for two months at no cost.

The third offer we will find is the popular Nubico reading application, where we have a month of free use at our disposal.

FreeBuds 3, the best sound quality anywhere

Although the sound system of the Huawei MediaPad M6 is outstanding, sometimes we look for more privacy or simply annoy our roommate. In these cases, no need to compromise on the best sound quality. There are very interesting alternatives in wireless headphones and Huawei also has an option for the most demanding users: the FreeBuds 3.

First of all, if we want to use them to watch multimedia content or play a game, few things bother more in the wireless headphones that there is not a perfect synchronization between the image and the sound. Huawei’s new FreeBuds 3 have minimized latency and syncs seamlessly.

If we are forced to interrupt our favorite series to talk to family or friends, we just have to tap the earpiece and take the call. This is one of the different actions that we can activate from our headset.

Photo: David Ortiz | Hypertextual.

At that time of talking to someone, we can also enjoy its noise cancellation. Our interlocutor also you can see how our sound is clear and sharp thanks to the ośeo voice sensor and to the technology and the position of the microphone, strategically placed to offer the best quality.

The third key aspect is their autonomy. Once we take them out of the box and make the first charge, we can enjoy up to four hours of use. When you need to charge it, the case itself will give you up to 20 hours of playback before you have to reconnect it to the network.

Finally, if we want to charge the box but we do not have a plug nearby, we can use the reverse charging option that Huawei has been developing on its latest phones. You just have to activate it and leave the FreeBuds 3 box on its back to start charging.

New measures in confinement time

The exceptional situation we are living in has led many companies to adapt in order to continue being useful to users. Within its #HuaweiContigo campaign, Huawei has carried out a series of measures to make life more useful and not deprive its users of the best technology and the best services to entertain themselves.

For example, if we want to repair any device from Huawei, we do not need to go anywhere. We won’t even have to contact a courier company. Huawei takes care of everything, sending someone to pick up the product at your home, repair it and return it to you wherever we want.

Another aspect that users may be most concerned about is the issue of warranty terms. Huawei will not leave anyone hanging during this time and for this reason, all those products whose guarantee has expired or expires between March 15, 2020 and June 14, 2020, will extend their warranty until June 15, 2021.

With all these advantages, there is no excuse for not seeing the bright side of the situation we are experiencing. From Huawei they are putting everything on our side so that we can take advantage of time at home, either working, learning, or taking a well-deserved rest.


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