Although it is not the first time that we talk about it, rumors of a remastered edition of Diablo 2 They have returned with force and, this time they are aiming for the short term. And, if the information that we can read on ActuGaming is confirmed, fans of one of the most emblematic franchises in video game history could have a new reason to excuse Activision Blizzard for past mistakes, and wait with more arms The future arrival of Diablo 4 is open.

According to the French website, which cites reliable sources who prefer to remain anonymous, there is a huge interest in Activision Blizzard to use all the elements at their disposal for the arrival of Diablo 4 be a success, something that is so logical that it is evident. But the interesting thing is that, if we already knew a few months ago that this quarter will have more in common with Diablo 2 than with Diablo 3, taking advantage of the pull that 2 still has among fans and followers, now it seems that they have seen the moment of Further heat the room with this remastered edition.

At the moment not many details are known, but the confidential source would have given three interesting facts. The first is the name: Diablo 2 Resurrected, no doubt a resurrection long awaited by the Diablo community. The second fact is that the launch is scheduled for fourth quarter of 2020 Although the end date may be slightly delayed due to the current situation. And the third is that it is the study Vicarious Visions on that would support Blizzard for this remastered Devil. project I would be working on since the release of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy. Recall that Vicarious has already done the remake of Destiny 2.

And when can you expect official confirmation of the remastered edition of Diablo 2? Perhaps in the coming months as part of Summer Game FestAlthough Blizzard may also prefer to wait for its annual event, the BlizzCon, which today is still scheduled for early November. It is quite probable that the final date of the official announcement depends, in a very direct way, on the progress of the project.

The last years haven’t been too good for the Diablo fan and enthusiast community. Activision Blizzard went beyond micropayments and loot boxes with the inclusion of the auction house in Diablo 3, the presentation of Immortal Devil, a free to play game with micropayments for Android and iOS and with no prospect of ever reaching PC, the infinite delays of the awaited remake of Diablo 2… Each BlizzCon has been getting colder than the last, and I think this video by Joseju, Youtuber and streamer on Twitch, it takes the temperature quite well for the situation in late 2018.

Diablo 4 and the remastered version of Diablo 2 can be, and if Activision Blizzard does it right they will be, a good point to reverse the trend and win back the millions of fans who are still Diablo fans, but today they deny the company that is behind the title. Seen from the outside, it seems that Activision Blizzard has learned from mistakes and is now on the right track. Let’s cross our fingers to make it so.

What is your relationship with Diablo? Have you played any of his deliveries? Have you been waiting for years for the remastering of Diablo 2? Are you someone who thinks that Immortal Devil was a good idea? What steps do you think Activision Blizzard will take with Diablo 4? There are many questions that the community asks itself, and we are very interested in knowing your answers.


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