Devolo, the German specialist in network solutions through the electric power network, has expanded its catalog with three products for the consumer market: Magic 2 WiFi next, WiFi Repeater + ac and Magic 2 LAN DINrail.

devolo Magic 2 WiFi next

devolo continues to evolve its Magic range with a new model that combines the functions of WiFi Mesh and Powerline Technology (PLC). The latest version of, the PLC standard, allows data transmission speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps on the main network, the fastest on the market today for PLC adapters, the manufacturer says.

Has technology support Multi-User MIMO and improves the performance of the Wi-Fi connection thanks to “access point steering”, a function that automatically refers to the most powerful nearby WiFi access point, so that a smartphone, tablet or other device always remains with the best connection, even if the user moves around the house. This feature is complemented by additional functions such as “fast roaming”, “band steering”, “airtime fairness” and “config sync” (unique SSID).

These adapters provide a range of up to 500 meters over the electrical wiring, to convert any power outlet into a high-speed access point. Security is guaranteed with the protocol WPA3 and 128-bit encryption.

Its installation is very simple with the Plug & Play support, and it only requires plugging in an adapter and connecting it to the router using an Ethernet cable. Once the second adapter is connected, the two will automatically pair without having to press a button. In this process, they share an individualized security identification number so that the data connection through the electrical wiring is kept protected.

In addition, users can use the devolo Home Network installation wizard to guide you step-by-step in setting up your home network. This application also allows to control the network intuitively, to integrate additional adapters in the network or to configure guest accounts or parental controls. The truth is that all settings can be established in seconds without the need for technical knowledge.

devolo WiFi Repeater + ac

The second of the products presented is a repeater intended to improve the coverage of the router in a simple and economic way. Employ technology WiFi Mesh with a transmission speed of up to 1,200 Mbps And it’s great for wiping out weak Wi-Fi in one-story rooms.

The WiFi signal is transmitted specifically to the devices thanks to beam forming to create a fast and stable home network, while the crossband repeating function allows optimal use of broadband in the frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The dual-band repeater is compatible with Wi-Fi standards 2 to 5 (b, g, n, ac) and has two LAN ports and an integrated power outlet, providing various connection possibilities. Thanks to WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) it is very easy to configure: Plugging it into any outlet and pressing a button takes the router’s configuration data and connects to the existing home network without entering any access data.

Users who need assistance with the installation process or help finding the perfect repeater location can use the devolo Home Network app. This repeater is compatible with all routers and access points, and also allows you to extend a devolo Wi-Fi network with a Powerline backbone, which is often used in larger flats or houses.

Magic 2 LAN DINrail

In many homes the search for a stable and powerful home network starts at the electrical distribution box. The Internet connection enters the home through the box, but from there the distribution is often insufficient for the entire home. devolo tries to address the problem from the root. The Magic 2 LAN DINrail is installed directly into the distribution box by an electrical engineer, which turns the entire power circuit “into a data highway,” says the manufacturer, so there is no need for complicated drilling or expensive Ethernet wiring to be installed. the whole house.

The Magic 2 LAN DINrail creates the Powerline connection between the router and the power supply with automatic phase coupling directly where the rest of the house is fully supplied. Permanent integration allows transmission speeds of up to 2,400 Mbps thanks to the latest Powerline technology.

From here, they can be installed other Magic adapters in any outlet since they are compatible with each other, from the Wi-Fi Mesh adapter to the gigabit LAN. The modular design of the system allows a precise supply and gives a capacity of expansion to measure for each need. The DINrail module ensures optimal distribution with a fast network throughout the house and at every outlet, using the devolo Cockpit software and the adapter’s web interface for configuration.

New devolo: prices and availability

Magic 2 WiFi next It will be available online and in specialized physical stores. The Starter Kit includes two adapters for a price of 199.90 euros (VAT included) and covers a living area of ​​up to approximately 90 m². The Multiroom Kit, which directly covers larger spaces of up to approximately 180 m², includes three adapters and costs 299.90 euros (VAT included). To extend an existing Magic network, Magic 2 WiFi next adapters are also available individually for a price of € 129.90 (VAT included).

WiFi Repeater + ac It will be available with a recommended retail price of € 69.90. As with all its products, devolo offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Magic 2 LAN DINrail It will be available for a recommended price of € 169.90 (VAT included), and has to be installed by a certified electrician. The Magic network can be flexibly extended with additional adapters. The guarantee is three years like the rest of its products.


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