Although he seems to be quite a badass person thanks to the characters he normally plays in movies and on television, In reality, Danny Trejo has shown the opposite, because behind the scenes he is someone extremely calm and loving It is enough to remember when he dressed as a dog to teach a lesson about animal shelters, jiar jiar.

Like many of the gamers, during this quarantine the good Machete has entered Animal Crossing very hard, and the truth is that we do not blame him because he has many things to distract us these days. From being able to explore the world (even if it is virtual) to chatting with our friends and doing many more, this video game is undoubtedly taking the palms of many.

Danny Trejo’s fanaticism for this title goes beyond everything, because in his social networks he always shares what he does inside his small island. But now, the 76-year-old actor himself has decided to show us what he does in a day in this video game and the truth is very interesting and fun to watch him play for hours, although you may not believe it.

Turns out recently the good Machete stopped by the equally adorable talk show Animal talking presented by the journalist and video game specialist, Gary Whitta to talk about life and play. The success of his participation in the program was so great that he now has his own segment called Danny’s Dario, where the actor tells us about his adventures in Animal Crossing.

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In the first chapter, Danny leads the co-host of Adam Nickerson to take a tour of his island, to show cHow have you decorated everything, fish for a while, exercise, introduce your inhabitants and tell what you like most about this game. By the way, we learn that Trejo is a fan of butterflies or at least his character is, jiar jiar. In closing, the actor invited everyone who wanted to join his island. Without a doubt Machete is a great guy.

But we better not tell you more, Check out Danny Trejo bragging about his island within Animal Crossing below:


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