COVID-19 has changed the world, so much so that there is no longer talk of returning to normal, but of “New normal”, a reality that has affected us all and that has been primed especially with SMEs.

We still have a long way to go until we can return to the starting point, to that life we ​​had before COVID-19, but to cross it and reach the goal as soon as possible we all have to collaborate, to contribute our grain of sand.

Precisely with this objective, with the collaboration as a tool for a place against COVID-19, the initiative that TPNET, with the support of LG, has launched through an interesting focused survey in the challenges presented by this new normality after COVID-19, and which aims to solve a series of very important issues that will affect SMEs, among which are telework and its impact, the importance of new technologies and new professional settings.

Information and collaboration to advance post-COVID-19 normality

Through this link you can participate in the survey that we have discussed. It will only take a few minutes, and as compensation you will be one of the first to receive a full report with the results. This report will be accompanied, in addition, by a set of fundamental keys that collect the most important points that SMEs must take into account to adapt with guarantees of success to the new times.

The theme that we are going to discuss is going to be very broad, but again there are some themes that shine with their own light, among which are some as interesting as these:

The reality of telework in Spain, fundamental as part of confinement and the early stages of unconfinement.
What will offices be like in times of social distance, a reality that is going to be in force for longer than we thought.
Best practices for developing video conferences, a tool that is essential in a time when social distancing is an obligation.
The impact of the new sustainability, associated with the reality of new jobs.


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