About a year ago we had the opportunity to analyze the Corsair DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB RAM, specifically the 32 GB kit in four modules of 8 GB each, and the results we obtained were excellent, both with a Z370 motherboard and Core i7 8700K and with a motherboard with X370 chipset and a Ryzen 7 1800X processor.

Corsair has taken all the values ​​that made the Corsair DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB memory great and has integrated them into a “White” version, an edition that, as its name suggests, comes with an elegant white aluminum suit and is finished off by a lighting system of 12 CAPELLIX RGB LED units on top. This lighting system is characterized by offering an intense and vivid light, with bright and striking colors, but maintaining low consumption and ensuring a long service life.

Corsair DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB White memory consists of a 10 layer PCB with custom design to guarantee high performance, high stability and good longevity. On it sit memory chips that have been hand-picked to ensure excellent performance and compatibility, and it is dressed in an aluminum casing, which incorporates the DHX Dual-Path cooling to keep working temperatures fully under control.

Its integration into the Corsair iCUE platform is complete, which means that through it we can customize the lighting system and view other important data, such as working temperatures, speed, latencies and the layout of each module installed in the DIMM slots.

Specifications and Pricing of the Corsair DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB White

At the Corsair official website we have been able to see, for the moment, kits of 16 GB in two 8 GB modules; 32 GB in two 16 GB modules and in four 8 GB modules; 64 GB in four 16 GB modules; and 128 GB in eight modules of 16 GB each.

Working frequencies start at 3,200 MHz, with CL16 latencies, and reach up to 4,000 MHz, with CL19 latencies. We may see new versions of the Corsair DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB White with higher working frequencies in the coming weeks, but at the moment those are the only values ​​that we have been able to officially confirm for this white version.

The starting price for the 16 GB pack and two 8 GB 3,200 MHz modules with CL16 latencies is 149.99 euros, a reasonable number considering the construction quality it offers, its design and its CAPELLIX RGB LED lighting system.

The intermediate configurations (within its range) of 32 GB at 3,200 MHz with CL16 latencies are priced at 234.99 euroswhile the 128 GB pack in eight 3,200 MHz modules with CL16 latencies costs 1,159.99 euros.

If you are not clear how much RAM do you need Take a look at this article, where you will find all the information you need.


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