Well here we are, we are still in the running of the bulls, some doing home office, others looking for alternatives and options to carry the day, but nobody stops. Technology is catching up no matter what is happening, and there seems to be no better time for innovation to keep growing, offering us better tools for our day to day work to improve our work at home.

For those who do not know Xiaomi yet, it is a technology company that has a host of innovative products to make our lives smarter and much easier and connected. At present is the fourth brand of smartphones in the world and its products are present in more than 90 countries. Xiaomi It is not only linked to smartphones and gadgets for work or for work or school activities, it has from vacuum cleaners, security cameras and even light bulbs! all at a price much lower than that of the best-known brands, with first-class quality, so pay close attention, for sure more than two of these items will please you and surely will fit in your pocket budget (psst, psst: some have a discount).

1. Redmi Note 9S
What makes this smartphone different from all the others? Its battery and processor make it the ‘race car’ of cell phones. Today that your cell phone is no longer just an extension of your body to socialize, but to work, you need all the power and durability possible to be more effective and efficient. Further, it has a 48 megapixel quad camera with super high resolution. Here we leave you a link so you can take a closer look at it.

Redmi Note 9s / Photo: Courtesy.

2. My True Wireless Earphones

This is a basic home office: wireless headphones. Connect remotely, without having the cable there cluttering you, to have calls, video calls or just to listen to music. Your smartphone and gadgets must be versatile enough to serve you in various aspects of your daily life, and True Wireless Earphones are great for exercise..

If you live in a gated community and you can go for a run, or even exercise on your doily indoors, they are the ideal complement so that nobody bothers you and you enjoy exercising, giving you your minutes to yourself. Here you can buy them at a super affordable price.

My True Wireless Earphones / Photo: Courtesy.

3. 20000mAh Redmi Powerbank

This is necessary, it is for the whole family, and it is hardly on anyone’s top priority list, but… we highly recommend adding it to the top. A power bank, that is, a battery, with multiple ports for its 20,000 mAh: tablet, cell phone, speakers, smartphone, everything! Nice, compact, powerful.

20000mAh Redmi Powerbank / Photo: Courtesy.

4. My Home Security Camera 360º

Did you go to the bride’s house to quarantine? Did you go to the nest with the family? And if not, pay attention anyway that this will serve you at any time. A 360 surveillance camera for your home, easy to install, that you can connect directly to your cell phone. No need to install it, of intermediaries that control it, or any of those tricky things.

You buy it, you install it in your house, you connect it to your cell, and voila. You have visibility of everything that happens with your puppy when you go to work, how are your plants, did you leave a window open and do not remember? or even to check your baby’s room. Here it comes out in less than a thousand pesos; take him, take him.

My Home Security Camera 360º / Photo: Courtesy.

My Home Security Camera 360º / Photo: Courtesy.

In the end, all this technology is there to support us in all kinds of situations, and we are sure that these gadgets will make your work at home life – and in extreme family proximity – easier. Here we leave you the Xiaomi page, where you can find all these products in Mexico, so that they arrive directly to your home.


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