Parasite is already history in every way as it is a film that came to break the Hollywood mold once and for all. In the 2020 edition of the Academy Awards, Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite won four Oscars including Best Original Screenplay, Director, Foreign Film and Best Picture, making it the first non-English speaking film to win the highest award.

In 2019, Alfonso Cuarón’s ROMA looked like it was going to break with that infamous tradition of rewarding “foreign” films only in a few categories when in reality they deserve more. But no, It was a South Korean production that made history not only at the Oscars, but in film in general.

The Production design, category for which she was nominated (she won Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood), It was one of its greatest film qualities because the two most important settings and where the story unfolds, were created with some details and specifications so that they became characters and not mere spaces.

We refer to the basement and the Park family house, especially this second one that is where most of the plot takes place and where the two narrative lines converge.

And it is these two spaces and some of its most emblematic rooms, the ones that They have been converted into funds so that you can make some video calls either for work or social. The official account of Parasite of Japan, released a few days ago from free of charge, basement and residence funds so that you too can be immersed in this story.


There is, for example, the bottom of the Ki-taek family basement bathroom, the only place where there is internet signal and where they keep the cigars.

Basement bathroom where there is internet.

Here we leave you the rest of the Park family home funds:

Parasite introduces us to the Ki-taek family, a former driver who lives with his wife and two children. They are all unemployed. But everything changes when her son, Ki-woo, gets a job like Private English teacher to the Park’s daughter, a wealthy family from South Korea. Based on deception, Ki-woo gets every member of his family to start working for the parks.

In this way, his sister becomes an art teacher for the youngest son, the father a driver and the mother a housekeeper. When they are “stable” in this environment, and enjoying the comforts of the Parks, an event occurs that gives it a 180 degree turn and they reveal the enormous social, cultural and economic differences between the two families.


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