All gamers in the world must be happy, because in the next few days they will have exciting news about some video games and even consoles that will be released this year. You know who PlayStation5 you are. However, Some titles have already been announced that we are sure will excite them a lot and one of them is The Last Of Us Part II.

In early April 2020, Sony and Naughty Dog announced that the launch of the second part of this successful video game would be delayed indefinitely, but days later they confirmed that it would arrive on our consoles sooner than we thought. Little by little they were releasing more details about the plot and especially the gameplay of this title, Well, it is one of the most impressive that they have visually and we were dying to see what it would look like.

Photo: Sony

Fortunately and as always, The Last Of Us Part II It will not disappoint us, because in addition to having impressive graphics, in an interview that GQ did with the creative director of the game, Neil Druckmann, stated that this game could last between 25 to 30 hours, practically double what the first title lasted, so it will undoubtedly be the video game that will break it this year.

Just before the official release of the latest title in this franchise, Naughty Dog and Sony have released a last trailer to finish hooking us As if it were necessary. This little glance opens with quite tense music, where we see some Ellie flashbacks mixed with scenes from the video game, where she rides a horse in front of different cities, as well as facing different game characters.

Photo: Screenshot

In it, the protagonist is very clear with her intentions, since she wants revenge for everything that happened to her in the past. The only character we know and see in this trailer – besides Ellie, obviously – is Joel, but only for a moment, Since this glance of just 20 seconds closes with this girl attacking someone, but who will it be?

Remember that The Last Of Us Part II will come to our lives on June 19 and you can buy it HERE, but while we wait for that day to come, check out the latest trailer below:


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