Despite the veto and shadow cast on Huawei’s smartphone operations, Honor continues to expand its main lines. Coinciding with the imminent renovation of its online store, now renew the Honor 9X with a Honor 9X Pro, which advances in a wide variety of characteristics, both technical and design.

The new 9X Pro renews as one of the smartphones among the entry and average ranges, but with capabilities that may be more in the second. However, it remains out of the reach of Google services and applications, so it is a new launch supported only by the applications available in AppGallery.

Honor 9X Pro, a relevant hardware update

The Honor 9X Pro Get a good round of edits across the entire device. It remains a relatively large terminal, with a 6.6-inch screen, although it comes with a much more daring design.


There are some changes in the visual section, such as the fingerprint sensor going from the back to the side sensor. This is an increasingly common configuration among many of the mid-range mobile brands.

Inside we see the Kirin 710F swing by the most modern Kirin 810. A minor change in appearance, but that hides a whole technical renovation behind. The chip, manufactured in 7 nanometers, a huge efficiency improvement –50% global, 106% graphics–, or up to 75% performance gain in single-core, 40% in multi-core and up to 175% in graphics. In addition, it includes an NPU for artificial intelligence tasks, which rivals the Snapdragon 855 of 2019, being up to 5% more powerful than this.

It seems that Honor has put all the means to turn the Honor 9X Pro into a great gaming proposition. Other new features in terms of performance include a liquid cooling system, which promises to reduce the internal temperature by up to 5 degrees Celsius.


As for the memories that accompany the chipset we find 6 GB of RAM LPDDR4X –penultimate generation–, with some generous 256 GB Storage UFS 2.1. These can be expanded with up to 512 GB, via its proprietary NM Card. Its battery is around the 4,000 mAh standard.

Basic sensors, enhanced photography

Regarding the photographic cameraWe also find a great renewal in its capabilities. The great metric in which this is reflected is the jump of an ISO sensitivity that is multiplied by four, reaching 102,400 points. The camera configuration will be as follows:

Main camera, 48 MP with 1/2 “sensor in size and aperture f / 1.8.
Ultra wide-angle, 8 MP with f / 2.4 aperture.
Support sensor for depth measurement, with f / 2.4 aperture.

Therefore, the Honor 9X Pro promises a significant improvement in its photographic performance, which is partly determined by the power of its image processor. And is that the Kirin 810 includes a more capable ISP, with which Honor promises several improved features. More detail and sharpness, better white balance and less noise when processing the images they propose a better performance in low light.


In its front part this time it has a motorized camera system in pop-up. Thus, it avoids the perforated cameras with which so many of its terminals arrived in 2019.

Honor 9X Pro: Google apps, launch, availability and price

As in other Huawei and Honor releases, such as the Mate 30 Pro, when it comes to a release with relevant changes on board, the veto prevents them from launching it with Google applications and services. An exception are the well-known refried, such as the Honor 20, which did come with Google services.


In the Honor 9X Pro, however, this is not the case, and it is time to settle for applications through Huawei’s own Appl Gallery. The brand has once again recognized that it is making real efforts to bring the applications of the main developers to its marketplace. This is being done market to market: Europe, Latin America and Asia have this program.

The Honor 9X Pro will be available through Honor’s own online store. He will do it with a launch price 199 euros during its first days on sale, between May 12 and 14. This will be 199 euros of departure, compared to the 249 euros that the brand officially proposes later.

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