I wish someone did a study to measure the amount of endorphins that our brain generates when we remember cancel a subscription before the next charge arrives. And it is in human nature, we love free trial periods and, although we are a little suspicious when it comes to introducing a means of payment, in the end we decided that the reward justifies it, and we engrave in our minds by fire the deadline to cancel the subscription without being charged.

Three months and 17 days later, after having already received several charges, we finally unsubscribe, not without first accepting that canceling a subscription is not our strength, that we will never again sign up for a service with a free trial period, and incidentally we try to stop thinking about the 12, 15 or 30 euros that, in those three months, we have paid for a service that, in addition, in the end we have not reused after the third day of testing. Or worse, that we have forced ourselves to use, simply because we were paying for it.

I’m not saying it happened to everyone, but I’m not hiding either: I’m one of those people. Fortunately, over the years, I have managed to correct that bad habit, but I still do not consider myself fully immunized. For this reason, I was equally surprised and happy to hear about Subscrybe, a project that is still in beta phase, and which aims to be our assistant in this regard and remind us of the renewal dates of our subscriptions. Either simply to be informed, or to take the measures that we consider appropriate.

Unsubscribe as a service

Its operation is very simple: you just have to install a Google Chrome extension (You will find it here) and, when you sign up for a service, write down that renewal date that you normally think you will remember, but that on many occasions you end up forgetting. So, when the time comes to renew or cancel a subscription, the extension will remind you so that you can act as you wish.

At the moment its functionality is still quite limited, let’s not forget that it is a beta. Among the author’s plans, which can be read on the Subscrybe page in ProductHunt, we see that there are some interesting ideas, such as incorporating the ability to sync with Apple and Google accounts to keep track of subscriptions on both platforms, add new types of alerts such as notifications from Google Chrome and email (at the moment it is necessary to open the extension manually to check it) and a price comparator, which informs us if there is any offer special for the service we are hiring.

Just take a first look at the extension to verify that at the moment he is in his first steps. Today it is already practical, it is already useful as a reminder to cancel a subscription. Now, if the plans of its developer are fulfilled, we can be facing one of those simple but very practical aids for day-to-day life. I imagine that the evolution of the project will depend, to a large extent, on how well the service is received. And I, honestly, I think I’m going to give it a try.

What is your relationship with subscriptions? Do you have iron control over them? Have you ever missed one? Are you still paying today for the service that made a backup of your Fotolog account? And regarding Subscrybe,you plan to use a service of this type or, conversely, does not finish inspiring confidence that third parties know what services you are subscribed to?


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