We were bound in the HQs of PUSH THE BUTTON when suddenly our new friends from AMD They called us to see if we wanted to test their new PC Gamers processors that promised wonderful performance and a price we can afford. We said “come on” and the truth is that we don’t believe how well they performed. Get ready for the new generation of consoles without even entering it.

This is our review of processors Ryzen 3100 and the 3300X of AMD.

With the world of video games advancing by leaps and bounds at the graphic level, nowadays the
word “performance” is on everyone’s lips.

With games like FF7 Remake, Control, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the long awaited Cyberpunk
2077, the consoling world was looking very slow; since although our PS4 and Xbox One we
keep giving hours of fun, There is no denying that your hardware is practically out of date.

Due to all these advances, the PC gaming is gaining popularity like never before, with more
people interested in making a powerful PC to enjoy the world of polygons
in the best possible quality and absurdly high quality. However, putting together a decent computer comes out in a very, but very good wool.

From the simplest as fans for air flow, ram memory; hard drives in solid or disk format (excuse the redundancy), down to the absurdly expensive video cards; which are key to obtain the best results in gaming and even in work matters.

Obviously, all these components are useless without a good processor that carries optimal operation of all equipment. There is no use buying the most powerful
video card if the processor does not give the width and is simply unable to get all the juice out of it, causing “bottlenecks” by not being able to keep up with the video card.

The good thing is that today we have the boys from AMDwho came to move the
Mat the competition by taking out “cheap” processors, but that are capable of raffling a shot at the height of whoever puts them in front.

Once again, AMD looks to give it another twist with its latest two Ryzen processors, the
3100 and 3300X. What the hell is this? Don’t worry, let’s go easy …

Starting its path for high-performance processors with its Ryzen line, AMD has given
big steps in just three years, bringing high-performance chips at a cost not very
elevated, leveling the playing field and making our lives easier when we arm ourselves
a PC.

With 4 cores and 8 threads, AMD seeks to give us more value for our money, since both products battle those that exceed them in cores and threads, bringing speeds that we did not initially believe.

From titles like Resident Evil 3 Remake and The Division, both the Ryzen 3100 and 3300x let us play with an FPS rate greater than 60, with a drop that does not exceed 50FPS.

Of course, for games like Fortnite, League of Legends, CS: GO and others than almost any
coffee machine can run, both processors are more than enough, including Minecraft … as long as they do not activate raytracing because that neither the NASA computers can run it at 100.

In tests PUSH THE BUTTON With more demanding games like the ones mentioned above, the performance was stable, even with “High” settings.

However, the most powerful is without a doubt the 3300X. Despite having the same number of cores and threads, it achieves higher speeds thanks to its technology that uses the four cores of a pole, reducing latency in its operation.

Now how much is the diablazo?

Priced at 99USD, the Ryzen 3100 It is the jewel in the crown, being a processor with the price of a low-end one, but with the performance of an average one. For $ 20 more, the 3300X It is a bargain, since its performance is comparable to a more advanced processor, although in its case a better cooling system is needed than just the heatsink that all Ryzen have included, something that does not affect the 3100 and that keeps it as the best option for a cheap PC.

It is necessary to clarify that we did all this without getting into complicated things like doing “Overclock”.

At the end of the day, both are still 4-core and 8-thread CPUs, which at the time of overloading them will never give the same performance as that of their 6-core and 12-thread cousins, let alone 8-core and 16 threads.

Also, the video card counts, but with the savings when buying any of these processors, we can comfortably decide between a card with 6 or 8GB of video.

In case you had any questions about the quality of AMD products; Remember that both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 will bring AMD processors.


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