From the creators of “Atlas”, the expert robot in parkour, come the Boston Dynamics robot dogs watch over confinement on the streets of Singapore. Although these automata pets have been on the market for more than a year, the Asian country has been the first to find an outstanding mission, in response to the global health emergency by COVID-19.

These cute and faithful dogbots baptized by their manufacturer as Spot, now they serve as security guards, ordering people to stay home, in addition to ensuring that citizens comply with the safety distance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the country that already has more than 22 thousand 460 confirmed cases, two thousand 296 recovered and only twenty deaths.


Although, like all dogs, robots are in the testing phase and have to demonstrate that they are as good and efficient, as Boston Dynamics has promised in its sensitivity, inspection and remote operation functions. First, they were lending remote healthcare services and now they are in Test phase for two weeks tosupporting the authorities of the National Parks Board and from the Singapore Digital Government and Smart Nation Group.

The truth is that it will be paid work. It will be the board itself that istake care of their maintenance and care, while robots, like patrols do in Mexico, each of the ‘Spot’ He has a megaphone on his back, through which he communicates with citizens to warn them that it is better for them to go home.

Boston Dynamics

According to ‘Hypertextual’, the island nation government has promised guarantee the privacy of citizens promising that ‘Spot’ will not record or harass citizens, which means that the dogbots will not interfere in infractions committed for being away from home.

As mentioned by Boston Dynamics. “‘ Spot ’can go where wheeled robots can’t, while carrying resistance payloads far beyond aerial drones. With v360 ° vision and obstacle avoidance, the robot can be remotely driven or taught routes and actions to carry out autonomous missions” If you were impressed by what the firm has done with these automata, wait to meet “Atlas”, an android with extraordinary physical abilities, to the degree that he can become a master of parkour.


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