If you need to improve your Internet connection to enjoy a good user experience, you have several options. You can change the position of the router and put into practice all the advice that we have given you in previous articles, but if you really want to give a quantitative and qualitative boost to your Internet connection, one of your best options is create a Wi-Fi Mesh network.

Don’t know what a Wi-Fi Mesh network is? Well don’t worry, we explain it to you in a simple way. When we create a Mesh-based Internet connection (“mesh”) we have a minimum of two distributed devices by different rooms (for example, a router in the living room and a repeater in a room) that generate various Wi-Fi signals, which are combined into a single network to achieve a unified wireless connection under a single name and a single password.

With a Wi-Fi Mesh network we enjoy an Internet connection with greater reach, stability and performance. If we want to create a network of this type in a simple and economic way, we can resort, for example, to the FRITZ pack! AVM Mesh Set, which is made up of the FRITZ! Box 7530 router and the FRITZ! Repeater 1200 repeater.

AVM devices have the latest technological advances in the sector, including:

Mesh WiFi steering– Automatically route Wi-Fi devices to the wireless access point that has the best signal and the most powerful frequency band.
Beamforming: the antennas emit a signal in the exact direction where the terminals are located to achieve greater range and performance.
Crossband repeating: FRITZ! WLAN Repeaters use the wireless frequency that offers the fastest connection.

Internet connection and Wi-Fi Mesh: a look at its advantages

The FRITZ kit! AVM Mesh Set is available for a price of 182.53 euros, a very interesting price if we take into account all the advantages it offers and all you can do for our Internet connection:

Stable, powerful and seamless Wi-Fi connection with longer range.
High data transfer, automatic channel selection and smart crossband repeating.
Improve signal strength on all home network devices thanks to Mesh WiFi steering and beamforming technologies.
Higher image quality in video and television applications thanks to optimized multicasting and IP streaming.
Scalable, that is, we can extend the Mesh network with additional FRITZ! Repeater repeaters or FRITZ! Powerline PLC devices.
It is very easy to configure, since the devices can be integrated into the home network at the touch of a button.
Easy to control: we can manage the Mesh network through the FRITZ! Box, including automatic updates for all AVM Mesh products.
Additional control with the FRITZ! App WLAN app allows you to see what is happening on your home’s wireless LAN.
Total security, all the devices bring a safe configuration from the factory.
Wi-Fi parental control functions and configuration of hours of use.
FRITZ! Hotspot: Additional wireless LAN for guests as a private access point and securely separated from the home network.


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