Bing Wallpapers It is the new Microsoft app for Android and although it is not yet available for everyone to download, if you are one of those who has ‘microsophized’ their Android, you will like it.

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, yes; But it is not a competition for Google and since you use a search engine that records your activity, most people prefer the original because it offers better results. However, Bing is also known for the daily image that welcomes users and who are generally high quality photographs which, in fact, are used in turn by many wallpapers applications for PC and mobile.

Hence, having an official app like Bing Wallpapers is an idea that will like, especially those who use Microsoft’s services daily and also have their Android phone conditioned with many of the apps that the software giant has been launching over time. Windows Phone may have failed, but no Windows user will complain about the integration that can be achieved with Android today.

If you already use apps like Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft Companion and others on your Android, Bing Wallpapers is next on your list. After all, who doesn’t like to enjoy a good wallpaper on their mobile phone? With Bing Wallpapers you have it guaranteed and, in addition, you will not have to settle for the daily image.

Bing Wallpapers

With Bing Wallpapers you can, in effect, automatically change the wallpaper every day of your terminal, either with the image sectioned daily by those responsible for the search engine, such as accessing a gallery full of top-level photographs with the possibility of filtering the results by category, color or country.

Alternatively you can also choose to use a solid color or, in the event that you do not find anything that convinces you within Bing Wallpapers, use your own search engine to crawl the Web looking for something that does. On this occasion, Microsoft has spun very fine and everything indicates that it will take little time to become one of its most popular apps.

However, we do not speak in the future because: Bing Wallpapers has just been released on the Google Play Store, but at the moment it is only available in the United States. Which means that it can also be found in APKMirror, but if you want to install it as Redmond commands, you will have to wait a bit.



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