The pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) came to change our habits. With schools and businesses working remotely, some who are unfamiliar wonder how to study from home effectively and without feeling overwhelmed by so much information available.

According to Bill Gates, it takes discipline and motivation. In a video call with Heidi Partovi, co-founder of, the Microsoft co-founder shared some tips for dealing with distractions, take advantage of educational content and free yourself from the stress that being in front of the screen can mean.

Gates mentions that you have to stay focused and go to other people when a subject is difficult for us, just as we would in the classroom. Although it seems complicated because friends are not next to each other, a simple call or text message would help solve some doubts and it is better than studying alone.

One of the benefits that this confinement will leave, according to the magnate, is that the students will discover that they are capable of doing more things than they thought. The teaching materials and exercises available online are very good, according to Gates, and another advantage is that the student has control over the speed at which he learns.

The latter is important, since in the classrooms we are limited and in many cases the process is adjusted so that it is suitable for all students. Being home we can watch the videos a little faster or go back and pause as many times as we want to research a concept, something that would be more complicated in a live class.

Another tip Gates gives is take time away from the screen, go out and take a break if you can. This is recommended since it helps us to disconnect and assimilate what we have learned.

Bill Gates’ advice also covers those who want take advantage of your programming knowledge, being the visualization of data one of the most recommended fields. With the amount of information available, programmers could build applications to better visualize and understand the effects of the pandemic.

The former Microsoft executive took advantage of the talk to mention some of the points of his most recent essay on coronavirus, where he mentions the importance of evidence and case follow-up, the development of a vaccine and the effect that a monitoring system like that proposed by Apple and Google would have.

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