No company, large or small, has not moved part or all of its IT infrastructure to the cloud under an unstoppable digital transformation strategy. And it is logical because the advantages of the cloud are overwhelming, from the cost savings to greater flexibility, allowing a faster implementation of projects, without prior investment or without the need for software installation.

At the consumption level, the use of the Cloud is also increasingly important although the user does not always perceive it and it is applied in multiple areas of use, from hosting a small personal website; copying a file to a storage service, playing a game, or viewing a streaming TV series.

All this requires specialized providers such as OVHcloud, which have powerful servers in data centers and offer solutions to meet the demand for any type of service that uses the cloud under any delivery method (software, platform or infrastructure as a service) or model. (public, private or hybrid clouds).

What are bare metal servers

You have probably heard of these types of servers because they have grown quite a bit in recent years. A free translation from English speaks of “bare metal” referring to the physical support of “pure hardware” where the data is stored. Basically it’s about dedicated physical servers exclusively for a single client, which are rented for a specified time.

With this type of servers the client is guaranteed the 100% use of resources who hires and can fine tune hardware for specific workloads. Each server can run any amount of load or can have multiple simultaneous users, but they are entirely dedicated to the client that rents them in contrast to other models such as virtual private servers (VPS) where the projects of different clients are hosted on the same infrastructure , even if they use separate virtual machines.

Another difference of bare metal servers is that their implementation can be done without any software or virtualization layer or install the operating system that the customer chooses, Windows, Linux or others. The client has full control of their implementation and can select the installation of a hypervisor or an operating system, in both cases installed directly on the hardware. Of course, they can be run in multiple ways, in isolation, or connected to local on-premises servers or other hybrid cloud environments, as well as being pre-configured or customized based on specific needs.

Advantages of bare metal servers

Performance and control. The use of dedicated servers where the client can manage 100% of the resources and have access to the physical hardware allows to obtain a great performance, similar to that of a local private server.

Flexibility. They can operate in isolation or easily adapt it to existing local infrastructures or others in the cloud.

Scalability. It allows you to hire the ideal dedicated server for each project, define the central processing units, memory, storage capacity or bandwidth required and increase its scope as your business grows.

Deployment and availability. Getting started with a dedicated server is a matter of minutes. Its availability is immediate and the service level agreement is close to 100%.

Security. Isolating data and applications on a dedicated server offers greater security and privacy. Single, unshared access is key for many customers.

What are these servers used for?

Bare metal servers can be used in a wide variety of applications, from large business initiatives to professional web projects, through virtualization or hosting game servers. Some use cases are:

Websites. Hosting any website or e-commerce platform with high and constant traffic is one of the main uses of this type of server due to its scalability and availability.
Business applications. The power of dedicated resources, the security and control of these servers, allows hosting critical business management solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM).
Virtualization. Bare metal servers are an ideal base for virtualization projects and virtual machine hosting.
Multiplayer games. Nothing better than renting a dedicated infrastructure to host a Minecraft server due to its high performance, low latency, possibility of installation on Windows, Linux or macOS, installation of mods, backup and ultimately, obtain full service for a large number of users.

How to get started with bare metal servers

OVHcloud is one of the leading companies in hosting services and offers a complete range of solutions with all the advantages of these dedicated servers, very competitive prices and features like:

Support. All OVH dedicated servers have multiple services for professional use included in the price, such as unlimited data traffic or 24/7 technical support at no additional cost.
Administration. OVH includes in the client area more than 30 pre-installed distributions to install the servers in just a few clicks with the operating system you prefer or use control panels such as Plesk or cPanel.
IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. To help you launch your next project as quickly as possible, an IPv4 and IPv6 address is included with every OVHcloud bare metal server.
Robust service level agreement. For complete peace of mind, they offer an SLA of 99.9% or more on all dedicated servers, ensuring the highest level of availability and uptime possible.
Anti-DDoS protection. Regardless of the selected private server, the provider includes a solution against this type of attack and a customized solution for online games, Anti-DDoS Game.
500 GB of space. All OVHcloud’s dedicated servers offer 500 Gbytes of serial storage for data backup and configuration files, with the option to increase it according to customer needs.

OVH offers a complete repository with guides for the use of dedicated servers, a section of technical FAQs and options, and a page dedicated to the user community where questions are resolved and users are helped to introduce themselves to these types of solutions.

More information | OVH Dedicated Server


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