Do you need to extend the range of your Wi-Fi connection? If the answer is yes you have two options, follow the advice we gave you in this guide or ask yourself, if everything fails, with a Wi-Fi repeater. The AVM Fritz! Repeater 1200, one of the most interesting models currently on the market for its excellent price-performance value.

I know that choosing a Wi-Fi repeater can end up being more complicated than it seems, and it’s totally normal. Some low-cost models do not offer a good user experience, and their performance on paper ends up in borage water in practice. Therefore, we must choose trustworthy brands that really care about their commitment to the client, and in this sense the German company AVM It is one of the most recommended.

I have had the opportunity to test their products, and the experience has always been very positive. I especially like, good software-hardware integration that they have achieved thanks to FRITZ! OS, and the added value of its ecosystem of free applications for mobile devices based on iOS and Android.

AVM FRITZ! Repeater 1200

High-performance Wi-Fi repeater compatible with the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
Maximum speed of 1,266 Mbps (Wi-Fi 2 × 2 AC + N, 866 Mbps + 400 Mbps).
It integrates a Gigabit LAN port.
Allows you to expand the range of our wireless network in seconds.
Supports Wi-Fi Mesh technology.
Full integration with FRITZ! Box routers, automatically adopts its configuration and subsequent changes.
It allows us to keep the existing wireless network name and password.
Its energy consumption is very low (3 watts), which translates into efficient operation.
It is very easy to use, just press a button and we will be ready to start enjoying it.
Compatible with the free application FRITZ! App WLAN, which will help us to place it in an optimal place.
It has an included adapter that guarantees the stability of the euro plug when the device is used in CEE 7/4 (schuko) outlets.
It has a very compact design: 80mm x 80mm x 37mm and weighs 160 grams.
It receives regular updates and is guaranteed for five years.

Not all Wi-Fi repeaters are the same, and as we can see the AVM FRITZ! Repeater 1200 is a mid-high range model that offers an excellent balance between performance, advanced features and integration with the ecosystem of FRITZ products!

If you have an AVM FRITZ! Box router, the AVM FRITZ! Repeater 1200 repeater will sync perfectly so you can enjoy all its advanced functions, and without having to enter complicated configurations.

It offers a very solid value for what it costs, since we can find it in the market for 69.99 euros.


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