Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan if you prefer – Shingeki no Kyojin if you get splendid – comes to an end. It will do so in the last quarter of the year with the launch of its fourth and final season, whose trailer has just been released.

It is true that anime is no longer what it was and as it is happening with the overexploitation of the phenomenon of the series, more and more things come out, but each time it costs more than something to stand out, either because it really surprises with an approach or story novel, or because it has simply been given a successful twist. Such is the case of Attack on Titan.

Based on the Hajime Isayama manga, the animated adaptation of Attack on Titan has been one of the genre’s last big balls since its first season premiered in 2013. Since then, two others have fallen, the last one divided into two parts, in addition to films – real real action ’atrocities included – miniseries, games … And the Hollywood version is scheduled for next year.

The success of Attack on Titan is beyond doubt, go, and it has been so because the work is worth it: it does not have the best drawing, the story is riddled with holes, the protagonist wants to slap him without mercy since he gets up until he goes to bed…; but the scenario that Isayama invents, the atmosphere of tension and restlessness that he manages to capture, they are really attractive.

Haven’t seen Attack on Titan yet? What are you waiting for? On Amazon Prime Video you have the first two seasons and on Netflix and Crunchyroll the three that have come out so far. The fourth you will see at the end of the years and promises to be as violent and bloody as the previous ones. Because either you carry the titans, or they eat you. Literally. We leave you with the trailer.


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