Almost three years since we first heard about his crowdfunding project on Indiegogo, and after a significant number of delays and production issues, it seems that he is finally the Atari VCS, the reversal and return of one of the most iconic retro consoles of the 70s and 80s, will finally see the light during this year, bringing us over 300 classic games from the company and other platforms.

This was announced by the development team itself in its latest announcement, ensuring that the first 500 units console They should leave the factory in mid-June. A news that while still leaves approximately 11,500 other crowdfund sponsors waiting, finally it will allow us to see the final result of this console. And is that despite the latest situation of shortages and manufacturing stoppages globally caused by the COVID-19, the vast majority of delays of the Atari VCS come from the numerous changes and improvements that it was receiving.

Updates that many did not see favorably, with international media such as Mashable that described the project as something “less and less similar to a retro video game console, and more like a cheap Linux PC inside a chassis inspired by the Atari 2600” .

However, hardware improvements continued with announcements such as the addition of a dual-core Ryzen chip and a Radeon Vega GPU, opening the capabilities of the consoles to a native video 4K with HDCP; or the incorporation of an ethernet port and a frame buffer, which will turn the console into a machine compatible with video platforms such as Netflix and HBO.

So what was originally going to be a closed console with a handful of games, is now an AMD computer that will allow you to install any Linux distribution, leaving the door open for it to be converted into a makeshift Steam Machine or a standard personal computer, with a subscription-based gaming service model with

What is not clear is whether this console will manage to evoke that feeling of nostalgia that we could see with the NES Classic Edition from Nintendo, which exceeded a whopping 2.3 million units sold. Especially given the fact that the Atari VCS started out at a remarkably higher price than 329 dollars, which after the last updates and after the first distribution of units to the participants of its crowdfunding campaign, is expected to increase even more for the rest of the fans.


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