A few days ago the Steam Games Festival In its summer edition, a twist to what has already been seen in spring and that in this time of pandemic and confinement, serves as a showcase for independent developers, who due to the lack of events have been unable to show their new releases , have the possibility to do it within the framework of the big Internet games store.

Of course without hook for users, for consumers, there is no Steam Games Festival that is worth it. And there is. In these last days and until next June 22 Steam users have been, can and will be able to attend special events, watch broadcasts, participate in AMA (developer quiz rounds) and chat with developers, among other activities.

But if the Steam Games Festival is characterized by something, in addition to the activities indicated, it is because all the bulk of the promotion revolves around current and upcoming releases of some of the most anticipated indie titles. And they are many, so they have simplified the navigation through the section highlighting genres, specific activities and also the great bait of the whole shed: demos.

Indeed, the most striking thing about this new edition of the Steam Games Festival is that they have been added hundreds of demos of the games that have just come out or that are about to do so in the coming weeks and months, and although allowing those interested to give a touch to those titles that catch their attention is not new, it is as they have done this time: to the beast.

If you are interested in taking a look at everything that comes and also you want to try it without the need to buy, ask for a refund, etc., since many of those games will not offer a demo once they go on sale, the Games Festival Steam is the ideal opportunity for this. And don’t worry about the amount overflowing you, because Steam will recommend games especially for you, based on your track record on the platform.

You already know: take a tour of the Steam Games Festival to see what falls on your wish list. You have until June 22. Three days later, June 25 Steam summer sales begin, as we anticipated you a few weeks ago, so everything is calculated to make your move profitable … and never better said.


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