Due to the coronavirus pandemic, daily life began to change dramatically and companies in particular no longer have the same communication, so here are some tips for SMEs that use Instagram Stories.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the way of communication has changed dramatically, affecting mostly small and medium-sized companies, so here are some tips for those who use Instagram Stories to stay in touch with their customers.

It makes it easier for users to support the brand, Instagram has launched new stickers to support companies, such as the one used to order food, it also has another one that allows sending gift cards from businesses to friends.

Inform and show empathy by sharing positive content, giving health and safety messages from official sources.

Start a conversation through surveys, direct live, where customers are asked about their tastes, what they expect from the company, etc.

Answering doubts, every day a host of doubts come, it is good to answer them through Instagram stories.

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