Now Apple smartphones will be able to detect if the user
wears a mask, to almost immediately offer the possibility of entering
the manual password.

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Apple just released a new one
beta version for iPhone that facilitates locked screen authentication if
the user is wearing a face mask, reports The Verge.

Currently, if someone carries a
mask or cover your face with some cloth to protect yourself from the coronavirus,
You must lift it to unlock your iPhone with Face ID. Otherwise, it
there is a delay between the time the phone realizes that it is not
You can see his face and the subsequent presentation of the screen to enter a
access code (which can often take more than 10 to 15 seconds).

You can also disable Face ID,
but it is uncomfortable when the person is, for example, at home and not
wear a mask.

In the new iOS 3.5 beta 3 code,
released this Wednesday for developers, Apple simplifies the process of
unlock and allows iPhone to detect if you are wearing a face mask, to
almost immediately offer the ability to enter the manual password.

All that needs to be done is
slide up if you have your face covered, so the screen
face identification will be omitted and only a code will have to be entered in your

Since it is still a beta version,
it may take a few more weeks for a final version to be released with the
function enabled. The new iOS also includes the first release of a
new Apple software that will facilitate the creation of applications for
notify people if they have been around someone with covid-19.




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