If Apple Music released a web application compatible with any browser and any desktop operating system a week ago, the next step in the service’s expansion strategy has arrived and is no less curious, despite the background that already exists: Apple Music for Samsung TV it is a fact.

Thus, Samsung smart TV owners can now also enjoy Apple’s music service in their pantallón. It’s funny, because if Apple has a rival when it comes to consumer devices, that’s Samsung; But precisely for this reason, the South Korean company is at the same time one of the largest granaries of potential users for the services that Cupertino is taking out and if Apple TV was already within their reach, Apple Music for Samsung TV was the obvious next step.

Apple Music for Samsung TV

Apple Music for Samsung TV

As reported by Samsung, however, only those who have a Smart TV model of those available from 2018 They will have the opportunity to install the Apple Music application for Samsung TV, so if this is not your case and you are interested in accessing the service from TV, perhaps you can do it from the web browser through other methods.

For example, using the Apple Music application from Android to transmit directly to the TV with Chromecast, whose support arrived a few months ago, or through another compatible system, such as the Amazon Fire Stick; or speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

The news is certainly striking because although Apple Music continues to sound like one of the last great streaming music services to appear, it has already almost five years active and, in fact, it is one of those with the largest slice of agency, due to the dominant position of the company’s mobile devices. As far as is known, only Spotify remains above and for the accumulated advantage in time and cross-platform arrangement.

Now they just need to do the same with Apple TV +.


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