Last week we echoed the arrival of Unc0ver, a new tool that, making use of a small native vulnerability of the kernel of the operating systems iOS 11, iOS 12 and iOS 13, allowed us to release any of the latest generation phones and terminals Apple, or what is the same, jailbreak iPhone 11.

However, despite the fact that the developers of this tool themselves had predicted response times of at least two or three weeks until the Cupertino company managed to correct this hole and launch an effective patch, this one has arrived today in the form of «important and recommended security updates for all users«, with the versions iOS 13.5.1, iPadOS 13.5.1, watchOS 6.2.6 and tvOS 13.4.6.

While the description and new functionality of these updates is quite sparse, the team behind Unc0ver has quickly warned users to don’t update their computers with none of these updates. And is that these updates depend on confirmation by the user to be installed, so Apple would still be exposed to users continuing to jailbreak the iPhone.

On the other hand, users of the previous two versions of iOS will still be able to continue using this tool without fear, although Apple is also expected to release new updates for them in the coming weeks.

Unc0ver still works

As defined by its creators when it was presented, “this jailbreak is basically limited to add exceptions to existing rules. It only allows you to read new jailbreak files and parts of the file system that do not contain user data. ”

And it is that one of the great promises made about Unc0ver v5.0.0 was that it used the sandbox exceptions of the native Apple system. That way, security systems that allow you to use services like Apple Pay would continue, while you could simultaneously access the jailbreak files.

However, we remember again that, since its operation is based on the use of vulnerabilities, and that its objective is none other than to open up the possibility of installing applications other than the App Store, this type of iPhone jailbreak can compromise their safety.


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