Companies want to make work easier for health authorities
and take care of users’ privacy with these updates.

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This Friday, April 24, Apple and
Google announced technical updates for the notification project
exposure that tells users if they were around someone with
COVID-19, with which both companies want to flatten the pandemic curve.

Implementations revolve around
the security and privacy of users, an issue communicated by users
around the world. The modifications will be reflected in the documents of
Encryption, Bluetooth, and API specifications released on April 10,

Similarly, a file was released
with the frequently asked questions around the APIS, which will be used
by health authorities to create applications. This in order to
offer transparency.

Modifications to encryption

To help public health officials slow the spread of # COVID19, Google & @Apple are working on a contact tracing approach designed with strong controls and protections for user privacy. @tim_cook and I are committed to working together on these efforts.https: //

– Sundar Pichai (@sundarpichai) April 10, 2020

Apple and Google will update the API
so that the access keys are generated randomly daily inside
Of the device. This will make it harder for a third party to guess what they are like.
Accesses generated and use the information to track people.

The companies highlight that
it will encrypt the metadata associated with the Bluetooth connection, so it will be much more
complicated for someone to try to identify the user.

And when the application asks for the time
exposure, it will be recorded in 5 minute intervals to reach a
maximum of 30 minutes.

Regarding the encryption algorithm,
it will change from HMAC to AES. AES is, according to both companies, a standard
in the industry and many teams have specialized hardware to accelerate
AES encryption.

This will improve the time of
phones response and will prevent their performance from decreasing.

Make work easier for public health authorities

Companies will include information on
the intensity of the Bluetooth signal that is exchanged between the phones
and also the distance between the two teams can be estimated when the contact
between a person with COVID-19 and another user was performed.

The API will be updated so that
can determine the number of days that have elapsed since exposure and
thus designate the actions that the user must take to take care of himself and avoid

Developers will also be able
specify the signal strength and duration limit to give it the
option for the authorities to define what they consider as parameters of

And when will these notification solutions be available

Apple and Google are perfecting
APIs and usage guides, but it will be the decision of the Health Authorities of
each region how and when they will use them.

Whether they choose to create a
new application that alerts citizens when they have had contact with
a case of coronavirus or who seek to implement these solutions in
existing platforms.

It is also important to note that
users will choose to give permissions to activate these tools
tracking in health applications. The privacy policies of each
operating system will continue to work the same.




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