XDA-Developers has leaked images and information from a new Android TV 2020 streamer that Google will market this summer.

Coded “Sabrina”, the device is expected to be the successor to the Chromecast Ultra and will have a new, more modern and oval design. Beyond design, it will be a Full Android TV device And in addition to streaming content from the Internet to a TV using a smartphone, laptop, or other devices, it will include a physical remote control to explore a user interface and find, install, and run applications.

The Google Android TV 2020 will connect to an HDMI port on the TV and will work wirelessly. It will stream content at 4K resolutions and support high dynamic range HDR features. It will also have support for popular streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and of course YouTube and Google Play Movies, in addition to being able to install third-party apps.

Compared to Chromecasts, no need to use mobile phones or other devicesIt will be operated with its own physical remote control. The controller will have a touch panel, a key for the Google Assistant and its voice control functions, in addition to including start, play / pause / volume and reverse buttons.

Xda-developers says the leaked firmware suggests that the device will be powered by an Amlogic processor, but it doesn’t make clear which specific chip it will use. It will also be compatible with Dolby Vision.

It should be clarified that Google has maintained two different platforms for the smart TV segment, Chromecast and Android TV (formerly Google TV). Everything indicates that the future of Google’s media players will go for the latter, more than just a stick, it will be a dongle with Android TV user interface updated for the occasion.

This Google Android TV 2020 «Sabrina» could be marketed under the Nest brand and will have a price below $ 80, according to the source.


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