Three months have had to pass so that finally, with the presentation of PS5 yesterday, we can have a real comparison and more realistic expectations about what we can expect from this new generation. And it is that now we already know the internal specifications, designs, and some of the titles and exclusives that both consoles will have, information that some experts and analysts consider sufficient to launch the first forecasts.

The first to speak has been Ampere Analysis, which through a report published by its director of the gaming area Piers Harding-Rolls, The specialist considers that both consoles will sell a total of 103 million units in this period.

However, the detail of these is essential. And is that the firm would be advancing sales of up to 66 million units for the PS5 compared to just 37 million Xbox Series X consoles. Some data that, once again, make us resort to comparing both consoles.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X


Beyond its aesthetic designs, in terms of hardware, the console of Sony seems to have remained at a level of obvious inferiority, limiting its advantages to the sound and the SSD storage unit, which will be much faster than the one incorporated in the Microsoft console.

Although it is also worth considering the controls and peripherals themselves. On the one hand, the novelties of the Xbox Series X controller focus on the dynamic latency mode and the support of low-power Bluetooth; while the DualSense PS5 will also have improvements in consumption and latency, in addition to a novel haptic system and a new set of adaptive triggers that promise us “to feel the games in a more realistic way”.

Games and exclusives

One of the great novelties of this new generation has undoubtedly been announcing its backward compatibility. So, for now, everything points to a much stronger bet for Xbox Series X, which will be able to move almost the entire catalog of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, and also some Xbox titles. In addition, many of these titles will have the support of an automatic image enhancement that will allow us a closer gaming experience than the current one.

For its part, although Sony has also already confirmed the backward compatibility with its PS3, PS2 and PSX games, the great unknown lies in the titles of the current generation. And is that the Japanese company spoke of a very limited catalog for launch, justified by an exhaustive process to test and ensure a personalized adaptation of your games one by one. However, it does not cease to surprise us that, given the jump in its specifications, this problem really exists.

Although as a rule, it is usually more exclusive games that mark the true decision of the players. However, while the PS5 event left us with a few good surprises such as Ratchet & Clank, Spiderman: Miles Morales or Project Athia, in general both consoles have focused more on a catalog full of indie installments, possibly leaving the strongest bets for the last few months before its official launch.

Finally, if we focus on services, perhaps it would be Microsoft that leads the most, thanks to the latest services such as Xbox Game Pass, Play Anywhere and Project xCloud.


However, when we think about the struggle of Microsoft and Sony, we cannot help but see the clear predominance that the Japanese company has shown during all these years, still keeping the PS2 as the best-selling console in history. And it is that, perhaps due to its greater similarity and the sharing of many of its titles on PC, the Xbox have always been behind when it comes to sales.

Even so, there is no doubt that this generation has generated much more controversy, although as always, the final decision will always remain in the hands of the players. And you, What console will you choose between PS5 and Xbox Series X?


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