The Realme 6 Pro takes over from a generation with a surprisingly short life. Launched last October, the Realme 5 Pro had a big difference with this model: its price. We will see if, or for whom, this update is justified, going from 199 then to 329 euros of the single version which is up for sale now. In addition, of course, the Realme 6 something more basic and that was ahead of this about a month.

The propensity for abundance, a feature now somewhat different

A slightly larger screen, 90Hz refresh rate, and now more dominant perforation make up a good deal of the visual changes in Realme’s new generation of terminals. The result is more than known among all the types of terminals available: a format somewhat above the ideal and difficult one-handed operation. And except for the rear effect, there is not too much aesthetic variation to put on the table.

What is striking is that Realme insists on this format with the rate of refresh at 90 Hz –That are appreciated–, when the requirements that you considered previous have not been fulfilled on the screen. And it is that although the colors are not bad and it has a correct brightness, it varies strongly little by little, we tilt the terminal, expose it to more than avoidable reflections or analyze the various obscurities on its edges – especially around the cameras.

The Realme 6 Pro slightly updates its internal engine. A Snapdragon 720G gives renewed efficiency to a performance still modest but sufficient to play titles like PUBG or Fornite, and even beat them. Of course, the new chipset turns its back on 90 Hz in all these situations, and beyond moving between the menus it will end up looking, comparatively, even somewhat slower.

The accompanying memories are really enough, what we ask ourselves is perhaps too much for the type of device we are dealing with. 8 GB of RAM, a usually expensive component, they seem too many on a smartphone that could perhaps be paired with a somewhat more basic option. Similarly, although somewhat more unnoticed, the 128 GB of internal memory passes. Capacities that contrast with the most basic variant of a much more complete X2 Pro, which is born in enough 6 and 64 GB.

The Realme 6 Pro does receive, from the hand of a larger size, another of the specifications that continues to grow in 2020. A battery that rises to 4,300 mAh –6.5% above the 5 Pro– that can now be charged with up to 30 W –50% -. This is one autonomy without a doubt for two full days –Confined: using Wi-Fi and with a slightly lower brightness–, which can be recovered beyond half in just thirty minutes. Keep in mind, that you have some trick– Multitasking and notification management can be too aggressive by default.

Some extra details that we could be counting on:

There is slot to dual sim and memory card micro SD, simultaneously. In addition to Jack headphone and FM radio.

There is not sound stereo, and mono is rather basic.

¿Wireless charging? No and waterproof? Neither. ¿NFC for payments? Of course.

Some of these characteristics are common among the ranges themselves. The dilemma is that above 300 euros we already compete closely with some terminals that already have some time, but also with characteristics and qualities who are with us for at least five years. Or, with others like the new iPhone SE, which focuses on the basics – but on getting it right – and it’s not that far away. But this is not over, let’s continue.

Six cameras; four really useful

In the Realme 6 Pro we find a total of six cameras. Two in front, four behind. An abundant amount considering the range, which warns us that perhaps they are not all the most useful, but can suffer from a new disease called sensoritis. On-board sensors and optics are as follows:

Super wide angle 8 MP, 1/4 “in size and f / 2.3 aperture. Yes Optical Stabilization (OIS).
64MP wide angle –Samsung GW1–, 1 / 1.7 “and f / 1.8, which produces 16 MP images by default thanks to pixel bining. Also without OIS.
2x telephoto 13 MP, 1 / 3.4 “and f / 2.5. Again, no OIS.
Macro sensor 2 MP, 1/5 “and f / 2.4.

At the front we find a double configuration that gives us extra angular coverage:

Super wide angle 8 MP, 1/4 “and f / 2.2.
Wide angle 16 MP –Sony IMX 471, the same that we see in the OnePlus 8–, 1/3 “and f / 2.1.

As we can imagine and we will see shortly, the main sensor gives more than decent results in a variety of situations – also difficult ones. The others are both too small and poorly equipped: no optical stabilization, another of the inventions that takes time between us, but still costs to fit in many devices. Having sensors to play with is fine, but as long as you have complied with the basics in which there is no need to demonstrate any usefulness at this point.

Both the rear macro sensor and the front super wide-angle – the rear is close to adding up – are strongly limited by a tiny, OIS-free format. Let’s see some.

Super wide angle, auto

Wide angle, auto

2x telephoto, car

If the lighting is correct, the three sensors provide relatively consistent results, although we can easily see a loss of dynamic range – worse shadows and highlights – in both ultra-wide angle and telephoto. Also, shaky photos can be relatively normal when light falls.

Super wide angle, auto

Wide angle head, auto

* Main wide angle, night mode *

2x telephoto, car

In adverse conditions the Realme 6 Pro can also provide good results, partly thanks to a night mode that, although it must be activated manually, is one of the best results.

Wide angle, left, and ultra wide angle

By last, a selfie in normal situations it will work as expected. However, the front ultra-wide angle performs much less, and loses utility, quickly taking photos to their limit. Instead of these two cameras, with a painful perforation on the screen –It darkens around it–, perhaps a more decent single camera with a wide angular coverage and preset with a little zoom would be more useful.

Remember that you can access the images in their original resolution by clicking on them, as well as see a few more in various situations by accessing this gallery.


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