In her latest results conference Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, confirmed that the company has surpassed the income obtained year by year by 40% (first quarter of 2019 compared to the first quarter of 2020), and has taken the opportunity to offer some interesting data that confirms that the company is still on the right track.

Zen’s arrival was a major turning point and made it clear that AMD could compete with Intel from you to you, an idea that was reinforced with the arrival of the Zen + architecture and that has finally been consecrated with the debut of Zen 2, an architecture with which AMD has reached Intel in terms of IPC, and has surpassed it in core count, efficiency and price-performance value.

We have all benefited from the situation. The return of AMD to competing with Intel has enabled a significant advance in the number of cores and threads within general-purpose processors, and has contributed to lower prices of the most popular chips, although it is true that in the high range a certain stagnation has been maintained.

AMD brings together more than 50% market share in the premium CPU sector

That has been one of the most interesting data AMD has given during its earnings conference. Until about three years ago the company Lisa Su runs I had nothing on the market that could really compete with the most powerful Intel processors, a situation that completely changed with the arrival of Zen and, above all, Zen 2, thanks to that great improvement at the IPC level to which we have referred .

That AMD has managed to outperform Intel in the Premium CPU segment and already has a share of more than 50% is important because it confirms that the Ryzen 3000 series has been a complete success, and it enjoys superior popularity compared to the Core i9. This is perfectly understandable as the Ryzen 9 3900X and 3950X have 12-core and 24-wire and 16-core and 32-thread configurations respectively, while the Core i9 9000 series total 8 cores and 16 threads.

We must not forget that, in addition, in relation to price-performance the Ryzen continue to offer a more balanced value in general. There are some exceptions, like Core i5 9400F and Core i7 9700, which offer quite solid value for the price they have, but if we make a total balance the winner is AMD.

Premium processors represent only a small part of the x86 market, a market that Intel continues to lead with total comfort, but it allows us put AMD’s good work in perspective for the past three years. We will see if the situation changes with the launch of the new Comet Lake-S processors.


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