The UV sterilization It is not new, although in recent weeks it has gained importance thanks to the coronavirus. Is now Amazon who will search eliminate coronavirus and other microorganisms from your Whole Foods stores and stores using a robot that emits UVC rays.

The robot, still in the testing phase, appeared in the program 60 minutes along with other sanitation measures that Amazon uses to combat the coronavirus. The robot consists of a motorized base with wheels and a panel with multiple ultraviolet lamps pointing to the shelves and refrigerators of a Whole Foods store.

According to Business Insider, the robot not yet deployed in Amazon warehouses or food stores. A company spokeswoman told the media that the robotics group became a COVID research and development laboratory. Amazon tests the UV sterilization and machine learning to ensure social distancing in its facilities.

Although no evidence that ultraviolet light kills the SARS-CoV-2 virus, causing the current COVID-19 pandemic facing the world, some researchers are optimistic. Scientists from the University of Santa Barbara develop Ultraviolet LEDs that are capable of decontaminating surfaces who were in contact with the virus.

Scientists Greenlight Amazon, Others to Use UV Light Against Coronavirus

Columbia University also does studies on this and in past days granted the endorsement to New York Department of Transportation (MTA) to use shortwave ultraviolet light on trains and buses. The MTA showed UVC lamps to disinfect transport units and work areas at hours when they are not used by people.

Amazon did not reveal when they will implement these robots.

It is unknown when Amazon will start using its disinfectant robots. The company remains at the center of the controversy after the infections that have occurred in its warehouses. Hundreds of workers protested in recent weeks for lack of protection. One of them, who planned to start a strike, was fired by the company, who argued that he did not respect the policy of social distancing.

In the 60-minute interview, Dave Clark, head of operations at Amazon, showed some of the measures they have already implemented. These include temperature gauges, devices that spray disinfectant on surfaces and an artificial intelligence system that monitors the safe distance between employees.

According to Clark, all this was distributed in their storage centers and they made sure that there are no risks for the personnel or the users who receive packages. In the event that an employee has been in contact with an infected person, they will be notified by an automated call.

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