If you follow our weekly VOD News section, you will already know that the Amazon Prime Video is unmatched: original and exclusive content is not superfluous, although they are increasingly producing and buying more things; however, there is no plana flat rate ’video on demand platform that adds more movies, series and documentaries on a regular basis.

The only downside is that what we call a wardrobe or filling with a pinch of sarcasm, is usually made up of classics of all kinds. Few current things are included in the catalog, although there are some, and in fact it is appreciated that they do so because with the exception of Filmin, only Amazon Prime Video gives visibility to this type of material.

The “Prime Video Store” allows you to rent and buy

Be that as it may, Amazon Prime Video has just released in Spain the «Prime Video store«, thus expanding the available content with the possibility of renting or buying movies and documentaries in the style of services such as Google Play, Apple TV and the like or, to be more precise, like Rakuten TV, dividing the catalog between what Prime Video offers and what of the new “Prime Video store”.

You will distinguish some contents from others because those included in the Amazon Prime subscription fee have a band that says “Prime Video”, although the store has its own section. AND what will you find in the store, you ask yourself? A little of everything: popular movies with more or less years and the latest digital releases. For example, there are already Jocker, Sonic, the movie, Maleficent: Master of Evil, Gemini, Once upon a time in … Hollywood and many others.

The price of rentals and purchases is according to that of any other online store and varies according to the title. When it comes to rent, you’ll have 30 days to see it and 48 hours to finish it once you’ve started it, so keep that in mind. Keep in mind also that there are no intermediate steps and if you are identified as a user, transactions are carried out with a single click and without confirmation: if you lose your finger, cancel the order so that they do not charge you … but do not give the play!

Finally, a tip: as you can see, the new Prime Video store also contains Disney productions and will continue to do so, so before renting anything, remember that you will find all of this at Disney + and for the price of a rental you pay a month subscription and you save money.


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