Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has announced the arrival in Spain of its first Echo device designed for the road: the Echo Auto. Starting today, therefore, it will be possible to interact with your car using the Alexa voice assistant even if it does not offer said capacity by default.

Amazon Echo Auto is available from today, June 17, both on the Amazon website and on the different MediaMarkt channels. The recommended retail price for this product in the Spanish market is 59.99 euros.

How Echo Auto Works

This new Amazon device has a total of eight microphones, which, according to the manufacturer, have been “specially designed to respond to the demanding acoustic conditions of the car, allowing Alexa to hear commands over the sound of music, air conditioning and ambient road noise” .

Echo Auto, as expected, does not incorporate any kind of speaker. The equipment can be connected to the car speakers using a 3.5 mm cable or through the vehicle’s Bluetooth system. To get power, it needs a 12V outlet or a USB port.

On the other hand, Echo Auto connects via Bluetooth to the mobile phone and uses your data connection to perform certain tasks. For example: if you ask Alexa about the weather for the next few days, the Echo Auto will use the mobile phone’s data connection to obtain this information. This also applies, for example, if you ask Alexa to play your favorite playlist on Spotify.

In Echo Auto, as with the rest of the devices in the Amazon family, you can install different skills. With them you can start the playback of podcasts by voice and even play titles like Asked.

Echo Auto, in addition, Can act as hands-free for making calls while driving. To do this, it uses the eight-microphone system and communicates with the mobile device through Bluetooth connectivity.

“With Echo Auto, users can enjoy the features of Alexa while traveling, such as playing music, making calls, participating in games compatible with driving, managing their alarms and reminders and much more, all simply by voice”, has explained Eric Saarnio, Vice President of Amazon Devices for the European market.


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